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Wow, you seriously buffed the Demon Queen, too, it seems? I don't think I can beat her any more, not when every one of her skills does 60-100+ damage. Dark Wrath normally being kinda weak was the only way I was able to win before.

EDIT: Can I just say how awesome it is to have things fixed this quickly? All the stuff in the grimoire shop works now, which is wonderful.


  • Obscure but annoying: Talking to Misty's teddy bear (Kumako?) in the grimoire shop area crashes the game (missing image).
  • Reading Mahoko's journal also crashes the game. Awesome easter egg though.
  • There seems to be a minor targeting bug with using items in the hub (or maybe the support grimoire), but it doesn't completely stop you from using items how you want to, it's just inconvenient. I don't know how hard it is to fix -- depends if it's in the interface or your event. If it's not easy to fix, don't worry about it.
    1. Buy two support grimoires.
    2. Use a support grimoire on Shizuka.
    3. [It should work - Shizuka will learn Enhance Weapon].
    4. Use a support grimoire on Mei.
    5. [If the bug is present, Shizuka will say "I've already learned a spell from this grimoire." as if you selected her again.]
    6. Use a support grimoire on Mei.
    7. [This time, Mei will learn Enhance Armor (which made me think it was my mistake the first few times). Oddly enough, while this bug does happen consistently after saving and reloading, if you use it on, say, Amara instead of Mei, she will learn the skill - so it's not as simple as 'it always uses the item on whoever you picked last time'.]

    And now for a round of "Bug or Feature?":

    • Is the omnipresent evening light (I assume) / hellfire glow of Chapter 3 supposed to apply to every map you go to, including ones like the underground lake, mausoleum and freezer? You could probably apply it when you arrive back at the hub (check current chapter) or enter a Chapter 3 area and remove it when you teleport somewhere if you wanted to, but if it's deliberate then cool.
    • Bianca and Amara are present in their dorm room during parts of Chapter 3 while they're in your party, but have nothing to say when talked to.
    • These stairs don't go anywhere. You could have Aika say something and Shizuka move away if there's just no reason to go there.
    • This girl doesn't say anything when you talk to her.