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Hey Christer and Claire!

played through your game today, Mission Squeak (i love the name btw!)

the grapichs are endearing, the gameplay mechanics are pretty self-explanatory and the visual feedback of the guard dog's vision range and the trap-trigger around the branches are great, it felt really nice seeing the ranges and managing around them, or using them to my advantage.
Simply put, the only "complaint" i'd have about the game is a lack of being able to lean around a corner and get some better overview of the area ahead without completely revealing yourself. Because movement could feel a bit clunky to me when doing a daring run just to have to turn around and tail out of there. (i got surprised by a 2nd guard dog i hadn't noticed earlier), otherwise i liked the game a lot, it was simple and fun!

Keep on having fun with the game creation, i know how the thrill of creating games feels, but it's great to see the two of you looking so happy and thrilled working like a team on this! 

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Thank you so much, Ole! 😊Really happy that you liked the name and enjoyed the game. Thank you for the feedback as well! We would love to seperate the camera a bit from the player, being able to peak around corners better. It was on our list, but didn't make it in time. We will continue making plenty of games, it was so much fun being able to work together on it and thank you so much for trying it out!! 😁