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i feel like it would have been funnier if there was more gameplay to this (e.g. you keep on earning more money and you have to keep up with the earnings to reach zero) and you had sillier ways to spend the money, such as building 30 mansions and blowing them up just for shits n giggles or buying 30 tons of rubber bath toys and flooding the ocean with them. instead, all of the options are just socialist propaganda and you are forced to go down that route to get the best endings.

try putting down the political agenda for one moment and make something that is funny to everyone, regardless of what they believe.


So you say. And yet, people enjoy this game specifically because there's good things to spend the money on. If you want to burn resources just to burn resources, there's 878473928471282470957 other games for you where you actually play as someone like bezos, and not a punk hero.