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I think this was developed nicely, even if it was relatively short. Like a few others here, I'd say I would kinda like to see what a full game would turn out to be.

Having played through it a few times, I was happy I managed to keep Jolie alive on my second try, focusing on essentials like food and water, while giving her knowledge regarding what to hunt and what dangers lie ahead, along with first aid.

I'd say its strength is in the way you're challenged to provide for Jolie to keep her alive in the future, requiring a little intuition on what would be needed.

Essentially, the game's mere core concept is hooking me towards it.

So, I think I had a pretty good time with this one.


Thank you. It's almost a year since we made this prototype and it's still receiving so much love. I've discussed it with Jarnik, with which I made it and if our time schedules allowed it, we would like to try to think of a way to make it into a full-fledged game.

So thank you for your feedback and thank you for following me as it would help me to reach everyone with further updates.