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Is it possible to change things like Fish's name when you select him at the campsite through custom graphics or is that still not possible? I don't mean the big names, I know those are a sprite of there own, I mean the ones you see over the tiny portraits at the bottom of the screen when you select a mutant.

Unfortunately, those are all hardcoded, therefore the only way you could change them would be by finding-replacing text in game's executable via a hex editor.

Ah, i'm guessing the loading screen tips are on the same boat then?

Indeed. A few people had suggested that commands could have been added for changing game text, but, unfortunately, it is a pretty big effort as for the end result.

Upcoming update will introduce ability to create custom characters - with that you have full control over text/sprites/behaviour for the thing.

Can't wait for the next update then. Though I do have to ask. Similarly to the sprites, is there a way to change the music in the game? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

There are no commands for changing music (because things aren't easy on that front), but you can simply replace OGG files in the game' directory.