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Got this in the recent Summer bundle, looked real interesting and I've just literally finished the first season. I got to say that I thoroughly love the weird twist on mechs, the meat related grossness, the strange cyber-flesh-punk mood. I also loved the visual novel parts, I think it's a fantastic spin on the cyberpunk genre with some actually interesting characters. something not often seen in a trodden out genre. characters with depth and emotions. But my biggest grip is the fighting sequences. While I don't mind the visual style, I feel there is a distinct lack in basic game design in regards to feedback. Not sure whether it was a bug on my side, but I had no sound when hitting the attack button, nor is there any audio cue as to when you actually hit an enemy. The lack of audio-visual feedback makes it hard to understand both what my mech is doing or what the enemies are doing. Some cool sound effect would have been amazing to make this a more compelling experience. After a while the fights also become rather repetitive with a lack of distinctly different mechs. Something that would also add to the universe as a whole. What kind of different mechs are there, what can they do etc. Overall I really like the story but the fighting sequences started to get frustrating and more of a chore to me. I really wanted the end battle to stop at some point. I appreciate the option to skip them but I think they could be developed further to make fighting in the game a more compelling experiences. It is afterall part of this game, so why not make it as strong as the other parts? Looking forward to seeing where this goes though! Good Job!


Hello! Thank you very much for your feedback.

The combat is, admittedly, the weakest part of the experience. This is something that we're determined to change, and we've put a lot of work into upgrading the combat for Season 2 (Kickstarter coming later this Summer)! I'm very glad you enjoyed the rest of the experience, even though the combat was a bother!


Awesome, very much looking forward to more! :D