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Hello friends, if you can't run it (example: Java keeps trying to launch the app, but it doesn't open), there's a very simple and easy fix for that: so ... here it goes: Look for the settings.ini inside the game folder (wherever you installed it), then copy these settings and paste it right abore the following command line :

[om101] <---------------------- leave this alone

language=en  <--------------- leave this alone

copy+paste these into the following lines from screen width right up to vsync...

screenWidth = 1280    
screenHeight = 720
screenBitRate = 32
screenRefreshRate = 60
fullscreen = true
borderlessWindow = false
vsync = false

It's very easy !!! If you want a different resolution, try out 1024x768 for a 4:3 screen aspect or something similar, this works better if you have a 16:9 screen aspect. Cheers !!

EDIT: The game doesn't allow you to simply save the settings.ini directly in the game folder, but there's an easy work around for that: simply save it in your desktop, then delete the original settings. ini file and drag and drop the one you created with your own resolution so that you can run the game.