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im just glad you didnt fill the game up with scripts to slow it down, despite being quite simplistic and the endings being pretty much alike, i still enjoyed this 30 min adventure.

i liked this it was fun and quick to finish.

hey nice game, i know its not ur fault i got a shitty pc from 13 years ago but those custom footsteps on the reworked version makes the girl walk square by square, so i had to replace then with the simpler "thuding" sound by renaming then to the wood and gravel footstep appropriately. It's innovative and all, but it lags on shitty toaster machines like mine. Anyway, I knew Shin was korean for being so badly mannered, so there's that. Good game, will look in your other works.

And for my review: I got ending 6/7 first. Then went for the ending in the forest with the girl, and just ended up watching them all in youtube. But, well, I had fun anyway. The ending number 7, is totally cannon, that's for sure.

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*FIX* UNABLE TO FIND: Graphics/splash : You need to install RPG Maker VX Ace RTP. Here's a link to it:

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE !!! AFTER THAT, create a folder into the main game called "Graphics" then another one inside this one called, you guessed it, "Splash" (no commas). Go to the folder where you installed the VX Ace RTP (generally Program Files/Common Files/Enterbrain/RGSS3/RPGVXAce), go to Graphics/System (of RTP Vx Ace RTP folder) and select any of the images there, copy it, paste it into the "Graphics/Splash" on the main game folder (Close your eyes), name it Splash.png and you're good to go. My guess is that it's the title screen with RPG Maker, Enterbrain and their logos that's missing and so the game simply doesn't go (if you don't have the real RPG Maker VX Ace installed), so this solution works to playing the game only.

tl;dr: Create a folder called Graphics, then one called Splash, and inside that, add any image (hot women/a car/your dog) also called Splash.png (save it into .png format), all  inside the Close your eyes folder.

ALTERNATIVE: Download my ready to play fix here, and extract it to your main game folder (Close Your Eyes), wherever it's installed.(NOTE: I do not know how long the file will stay online because I created no account at all and it says that after 14 days the "account" (the folder where the download is created on mediafire is) can be deleted, I don't know how that effects the link, but there you have it).

Its a fun short little game but i had some difficulty finding the basement key, if were not for one of the lets play i would have took about an hour to get through. got the true ending in the 1st try aswell so its always wise to explore every nook and cranny.

"Go slowly. You've never used a gun before, at least not in an office setting." So you say... Kidding. Good game, finished it, I wasn't sure what was going on but reading you resumé now explains of bad experiences in a job. Lets us both hang in there in the world full of bad jobs.

Really enjoyed the experience, i m glad you finished your project and look forward to seeing more someday.

pretty good i was only having some trouble in the meer mine because my pc is a piece of crap. i got the neutral ending and was befuddled thinking it was a bad one. i might go through again and see if i messed something up (i know i might have to die all deaths to see the true ending) or atleast get a better one ?

Im gonna play this because of this review.

a small "problem": This build doesn't seen to support 4:3 aspect ratios by default which is the resolution of my monitor, set at 1024x768. Don't ask. Anyway, I had to customly create a 1366x768 resolution which has a 16:9 aspect ratio  to be able to use the keycard in the back door for accessing the radio, otherwise the screen simply cuts the borders like a DVD would from a standard 16:9 cinema resolution, for example. Other than that was able to finish this game.

Well worked on and the jumpscares work. The simplicity is the magic and ofcourse the great artwork should be praised. Please really do finish this.

i could dl this but idk if it will run with dx 10.1 hardware and shader model 4.0 ?

WoW !!!

requirements please ? dx 11 ?

Queen's Crown community · Created a new topic wow !

I tried getting this thing twice and it failed twice. Where is this hosted ??? Very unstable server.


Great game ??? Here's something from it: "Double-click this passage to edit it." Theres a path were you don't even get an ending, it's just the editor telling you to edit the passage with something yet the author couldn't be bothered with doing the basic. I'm very disappointed with this game, free or not.

Robert Baratheon: Begin the joust before i piss myself.

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lmao "your character fell down a well, theres no luck only god's will".

lol i smothered the king yet had positive relationships with everyone ??

in the day you realize that what people think of you is about as worth as dog shit is the day you become a happy soul

when you need another basement to hang out in.

im not saying your game is boring but i'll be using it to help me sleep.

oh ok so it was a grad project... i hate to ask but were you two really together ? :P good project overall really because: its simple, it works, did i say i really like simple, functional, working projects ?? nice personal touchs overall, all there is to say is play the game and you'll (the player) see what i mean.

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Hello friends, if you can't run it (example: Java keeps trying to launch the app, but it doesn't open), there's a very simple and easy fix for that: so ... here it goes: Look for the settings.ini inside the game folder (wherever you installed it), then copy these settings and paste it right abore the following command line :

[om101] <---------------------- leave this alone

language=en  <--------------- leave this alone

copy+paste these into the following lines from screen width right up to vsync...

screenWidth = 1280    
screenHeight = 720
screenBitRate = 32
screenRefreshRate = 60
fullscreen = true
borderlessWindow = false
vsync = false

It's very easy !!! If you want a different resolution, try out 1024x768 for a 4:3 screen aspect or something similar, this works better if you have a 16:9 screen aspect. Cheers !!

EDIT: The game doesn't allow you to simply save the settings.ini directly in the game folder, but there's an easy work around for that: simply save it in your desktop, then delete the original settings. ini file and drag and drop the one you created with your own resolution so that you can run the game.

this game runs in my old 10.1 directx hardware somehow ............. i dont know ............ what was done and know that it runs very fine and i can see everything im so happy to be able to be scared is like a blind man coming back to life seeing things..... so idk congratulation in the game and effort i hope you have all the success in future endeavours.

playing this game xD

LMAAAAO "you die try again" just respawn behind the killer.

neither could i and i quit it. consider myself dead for good.

ive been eaten by that ugly thing and stopped playing this. my heart cant take this.

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