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i could dl this but idk if it will run with dx 10.1 hardware and shader model 4.0 ?

WoW !!!

requirements please ? dx 11 ?

Queen's Crown community · Created a new topic wow !

I tried getting this thing twice and it failed twice. Where is this hosted ??? Very unstable server.


Great game ??? Here's something from it: "Double-click this passage to edit it." Theres a path were you don't even get an ending, it's just the editor telling you to edit the passage with something yet the author couldn't be bothered with doing the basic. I'm very disappointed with this game, free or not.

Robert Baratheon: Begin the joust before i piss myself.

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lmao "your character fell down a well, theres no luck only god's will".

lol i smothered the king yet had positive relationships with everyone ??

in the day you realize that what people think of you is about as worth as dog shit is the day you become a happy soul

DO NOT BUY THAT !! HERE'S WHY: 1- It's early access. All you got at the moment is ONE single chapter. 2- You need a dedicated DX 11 graphics card... Altough you can play with intel integrated graphics card or an older dx 10 car AT LEAST, it looks ABSOLUTELY dark and navigation is very hard in these circunstances. And also, I played it for some minutes, it isn't all that big a deal for what it has to offer. You're better off playing anything but this.

when you need another basement to hang out in.

im not saying your game is boring but i'll be using it to help me sleep.

so its ok for you to promote homosexuality but not the author to promote drug use ... whats this i dont even.

nono, thats not my game, all im saying is when i played pt in the ps4, when these errors got going, the game would "hard reset" for real, the videogame would hang up just like it did for you in the pc, and you had to restart the whole thing... pretty creepy shenanigan man. I guess thats one of the things that contributed to it being taken down from the psn store, the dissolution of the whole silent hill team with p.t. being its last made game, and now here of all things its also getting either flagged or taken down .

oh ok so it was a grad project... i hate to ask but were you two really together ? :P good project overall really because: its simple, it works, did i say i really like simple, functional, working projects ?? nice personal touchs overall, all there is to say is play the game and you'll (the player) see what i mean.

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Hello friends, if you can't run it (example: Java keeps trying to launch the app, but it doesn't open), there's a very simple and easy fix for that: so ... here it goes: Look for the settings.ini inside the game folder (wherever you installed it), then copy these settings and paste it right abore the following command line :

[om101] <---------------------- leave this alone

language=en  <--------------- leave this alone

copy+paste these into the following lines from screen width right up to vsync...

screenWidth = 1280    
screenHeight = 720
screenBitRate = 32
screenRefreshRate = 60
fullscreen = true
borderlessWindow = false
vsync = false

It's very easy !!! If you want a different resolution, try out 1024x768 for a 4:3 screen aspect or something similar, this works better if you have a 16:9 screen aspect. Cheers !!

EDIT: The game doesn't allow you to simply save the settings.ini directly in the game folder, but there's an easy work around for that: simply save it in your desktop, then delete the original settings. ini file and drag and drop the one you created with your own resolution so that you can run the game.

this game runs in my old 10.1 directx hardware somehow ............. i dont know ............ what was done and know that it runs very fine and i can see everything im so happy to be able to be scared is like a blind man coming back to life seeing things..... so idk congratulation in the game and effort i hope you have all the success in future endeavours.

playing this game xD

actually those scripted sequences are not an engine bug, but are REALLY part of the game, the original devs put it in to actually look like a bug but it isnt, see here for more details in the gallery you can see the yellow error message along other ones.

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o_O I Never finished the ps4 pt... perhaps this is my chance for redemption ?!?!?! I really hate that ugly looking woman and that deformed fetus actually. very difficult to move on like this. edit: how embarassing it was taken down, well at least i have an excuse not to play it then.

LMAAAAO "you die try again" just respawn behind the killer.

neither could i and i quit it. consider myself dead for good.

ive been eaten by that ugly thing and stopped playing this. my heart cant take this.

dad is Bear drunken vodka drinking russian bear

Northbury Grove community · Created a new topic i am sad

i have a bad dx 10.1 only pc so i can only see nothing but a bonfire and Crystal which is a hovering flashlight and nothing more, the rest of the game is all pitch black, is it because of a shader issue ?

wow i couldnt figure out thanks for the video

Death trips is a very fitting name for this game, i highly recommend the download, its a zombie outbreak simulator. once you play it you'll understand why death trips.


is bear


lol this is creepy.



you better not shout, you better not pout ! you better not cry im teling you why ,santa claus is coming to town




i played this in dx 10.1 and it looks like a lsd tab.