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I didn't like the chase sequence too much (it's kinda bugged in fullscreen) and the statues I looked for a walkthrough but still the ending was surely worth it. Congrats on completing your first game.

yea id say its sweet too.

is nice and short depiste being a demo

im gonna try scepeter files after doing time is solid here a couple of years ago. this was a good solid game with choices intertwined that could result in a lot of mixed results, and thats the flair of this rpg maker game.


Good one, it's been like a year that I didn't check out and I'm glad that some good quality games with good and witty dialogue (plus drawings) are being made. Thanks for doing this.

Very relaxing I really enjoyed it's simplicity 

Good game too bad that ending tho.

heh this was short but fun. 

Very swell, I really thought that discarding a certain material was done for me (I thought you need 15 pieces of rope, with good material instead of 10 good ones, and they were all intact in my playthrough), luckily that wasn't so. It's kinda confusing once you reach Papa at the revolver shot to the head, because I thought the map bugged out and got stuck in one of those test tubes, luckily again, a reload solved the issue and got back on track. It was fun enough to keep trying, and for the sake of not having cheap jumpscares but gory enough to actually build into a story was very good to keep me playing for about 2 hours or so until the happy end. A nice try to anyone who likes RPG maker games I guess.

This made me wanna finish watching the last season of Jojo's on Netflix. Just because of that ORA.

Nice artwork unfortunately I don't know japanese at all, but it's still nice to see fresh content on

Pretty fun got ending B on the 1st playrun and I value the teachings this game has from the story of the three little piglets. Don't be lazy y'all.

Wow pretty cool, did the man running have any relevance to the plot though ? Or was he experimenting into reviving people ? Why were there so many dead children and who was the woman ?

Pretty creepy and all but it was good to end and see the endings.

Pretty good artwork bro hope to see it finished.

Pretty cool dude it's vibing with those GB graphics and a good storyline and quest.

This was fun, hope to see more of your work

Great game, I hope that you follow up on future works.

A good follow up like Disco Elysium and LA Noire I guess.

Tbanks for making this, it was a little quirky but it caught up eventually.

Thanks for doing this, it was fun to play

Earth being the worst is just mind boggling. Fun game

It was short but pretty fun

One of the best artworks in a renpy game, glad to play this.

Yo, those red m1 were begging to overtaken (I really like to think of them as riced up Honda Civics with wings). This was very fun to play

ty for the guide, i goofed up real good the 1st time altough i was trying a good ending without aids, that saved a lot of trouble and it was very emotional after all. completely worth it.

Heh this was silly.


I'm glad to have played this, it was fun.

You did well, used the assets pretty much as it should be, it's a fun time to play this. I got the happy ending btw.

hey ronron always nice to hear when you release a game, i found a (VERY much)trivial bug in the true ending if you go to the right ladder and clara is on the way the game will freeze and only closing and restarting will be possible to continue. luckily i saved in the uni hall and didnt lose the ending, so its up to you to look this up (maybe remove stepping back after activating the upper stair case idk.)

im just glad you didnt fill the game up with scripts to slow it down, despite being quite simplistic and the endings being pretty much alike, i still enjoyed this 30 min adventure.

i liked this it was fun and quick to finish.

hey nice game, i know its not ur fault i got a shitty pc from 13 years ago but those custom footsteps on the reworked version makes the girl walk square by square, so i had to replace then with the simpler "thuding" sound by renaming then to the wood and gravel footstep appropriately. It's innovative and all, but it lags on shitty toaster machines like mine. Anyway, I knew Shin was korean for being so badly mannered, so there's that. Good game, will look in your other works.