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At that point, you should be heading down to the area where the second chimera encounter happened, past the canals. You can progress past the point that was blocked off on the bridge now.

Thanks, I feel like an idiot cause I went down there, but I didn't think to actually go next to the gate. follow up question though, the game told me Patricia needs to see me one more time, or something like that, but I don't know where to find Patricia. If it helps, I have images 1-17 unlocked only.

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That's for the last optional chimera scene - if you've done all the others (3 for Meleuma, 2 for Patricia, 3 for the Greenhouse), she appears in multiple screens in the industrial area to trigger it.

However, as a note, versions prior to the current release (16/07/19) had an issue that sometimes occurred when triggering the event, if you're using an older version and want to see the scene it might be a good idea to update before you complete the conditions.