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(on 12/16/2016 updated version)

A few new bugs/typos with the support grimoire, discovered because of the previous fix:

  • Using a Support grimoire on Mei teaches Mei's support skill... to Haun, with this message (yes, she does actually learn it).
  • Using a Support grimoire on Amara [default formation] teaches Bianca's support skill to Bianca. Even if she already has it.
    • Here's the weird part: If you move Amara up to where Aika would normally be in the formation, using a grimoire on Amara teaches Mei's skill to Haun instead, like the first bug.
  • Using a second Support grimoire on Bianca [default formation] when she already has her skill gives this message, which is almost right.
    • But, as with the second bug -- Bianca in the second formation position teaches Mei's skill to Haun instead, like the first bug.
  • The support spells I tried (Enhance Armor, Enhance Swiftness) say they target an ally, but can only target the user's square, making them not really any better than the basic self-buffs (Please Don't Hurt Me! and Skirt Chaser).

The level of weirdness around Mei, Amara and Bianca is making it hard to test if anything else is wrong with the grimoire. It works fine for Shizuka, Aika and Haun, though.

While I'm at it, I just noticed this: Hellhound ears and demon wings don't let you use the associated monster weapons (claws and butter knife/pitchfork, respectively). I didn't even try before; I've never felt the need to equip monster weapons.

No more loot from the queen? That's fine... probably for the best. The little powergamer corner of me is a bit disappointed about losing the crown, but it's only an accessory, anyhow - it's not like stealing the weapons from the fights against Etna and Laharl that are supposed to be unwinnable in Disgaea 2, where you could get through the rest of the normal game just by protecting whoever you give them to.

Err, that was a tangent. Oops.