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Thanks for bringing up the issue - to be clear, what version of the game are you using, and where are you experiencing this problem specifically? As in, what occurred immediately beforehand, and what kind of freeze is it (black screen, can't move, etc.)?

hm, I visit the factory, speak with Telwas, and after that, I go to the place, where this large crowd of people is; I go back to the Factory, and then entering the hall Iusthiro just walks straight to the railing, the game freezes and I cannot move anymore.

I'm using the latest version, 16/07/19, but to be honest this issue occurred in earlier versions too.


Do you mean the part in the square where there's a comment made about the evacuation of the city?

You're not supposed to go in that direction at this point, instead you need to continue by going down to the bottom of the canals.

But thank you for the additional detail, I'll try to see what makes going in that order cause this issue.

OMG..  Thanks for pointing that out 😂