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Transferred 3/14-ish scenes into code and did some proofreading/troubleshooting. Took a couple hours initially (I started with 1.5 scenes), but I kept at it the rest of the day. Made sure the first dates were functional, as there's some jumping around to ensure a natural conversation flow. Researched more music to better illustrate atmosphere. Made enough progress to create a demo for my team members. :)

Got eyestrain again. :( But I took a rest and I'm feeling better. :)

I should be able to get this done, even if it's not perfect. I have SOMETHING written for every section of the story,  so now it's a matter of editing which I am much faster at.

Screenshots tomorrow, maybe? If my team gets back with me about some part they especially like, I'll snap a picture of that.


Managed to squeeze in some improved Angelo concept art before bed. :) Though now Sanga's the only one with the large head lol. Part of it can't be helped due to her square face shape, but I'll see what I can do to get everybody proportional.