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1. Some additional areas like a cemetery, mausoleums, etc., sounds good, but probably not too soon. When I implement events, this might be something that happens randomly in a new game. I often mention orcs raiding the village and wiping it out before you come.

2. It's possible. I'll have to think about it if this is a good improvement. Walking around with undead dragons would probably either be too overpowering or too underwhelming.

3. I think overall, the choice of how to use the corpse is a good thing for the necro. Blood, food, leather, zombie, an abundance of bodies would render this decision irrelevant, and I would prefer that not be the case.

4. Probably too time-consuming to be possible for this year, but it might be a good improvement someday.

5. I'll change the tooltip.

6. Exploding corpses should be possible right now without any changes. It's like a current explosion, but targets and consumes body so it would be quite easy to add. Right now it's possible to mod new abilities that could spawn different things (like different types of zombies). Probably even consume a specific kind of corpse, but I'm not sure. So creating a skeleton dragon from a dragon corpse is a possible ability. The issue would be combining that into a single skill to work differently for different types of bodies. That would need to be coded for that particular ability, or consume corpse + summon combination (which doesn't sound bad and I might go for it).

7. I agree, throwing whatever you have in your inventory might be fun. I'll have to think about how to implement that in terms of dmg, etc.


Thanks for taking the time to consider my late night rambling thoughts :P


2)If you do go this route, I think abstracting the zombies gained into different power tiers is probably important for striking a satisfying balance there without crazy overhead work. My main reasoning for this is that it's already underwhelming raising anything stronger than a boar because you know the zombie you get out of it is going to be strictly weaker. I dunno, could be just careful tweaking of the zombie stats over time could relieve this, maybe I'll tinker with that some on my next run :P

3)I agree with this reasoning and on reflection, I might have just been itching for more birds in the game in my sleep deprived state >_>

6)I suspected but I appreciate your confirmation, maybe I have a next tinker project or two :D

7)It's a small thing from player perspective but honestly one of my favorite things from immersion point of view about DF and cataclysm.