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Amazing game man. You created some great characters and story, in some places it hit even harder than Painful imho. Unfortunately, it can now only be played in legacy mode on fucking Win10, but it's a problem plaguing even the original games.

Was it a recent Win10 update that caused this? Because I hadn't heard of it being caused by the OS before. Really disappointing.

Absolutely a fault of the latest update, I was playing it with a custom resolution before the update and it stopped working just after.  Luckily, it still works in legacy mode, but still...fuck Win10.


That was actually fixed on the new version of Windows 10, you have to manually update it I believe (idk why)


Seriously? Thanks, I will try it (Now that I think about it, I recently downloaded another famous Lisa fangame, and the legacy version doesn't work while the new version does so probaly it automatically updated, I guess...)