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Well, taking time away from this for a good... apparently 13 days, yeah... I was able to understand the bunny puzzle. It definitely isn't clear to those that first encounters that puzzle... but it's a bit easier to understand a second time through. The height of the ears that stands up is also part of the puzzle, which during my first play through, yeah... didn't see that. 

The bunny puzzle wasn't enough to make me not like the game. If anything, I applause you for making such a great puzzle game. Honestly, I haven't ran into this type of game for puzzle games, so yeah. It's more unique than some of the others I've played. I, honestly, hope that you continue on the creative game creation.

Yep, this puzzle was really annoying to almost everyone I think, while the following puzzles were much more easier... My bad for creating puzzles that are a bit far-fetched. xD

Thanks a lot for your compliments, it really makes me feel happy. :-3 The whole team should still continue to work on video games (maybe not together though), so feel free to follow our pages. :-P