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roger roger,thanks for the answer!!

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In the next days i will upload a version of this game with local multiplayer with the same keyboard and, hopefully, joystick support. Anyway, this version will be just the same game roughly adapted to make the other tank controllable. There will be bugs and maybe incompatibilities. Im doing this because i need it for a game party i will attend and i thought, for the time beign, it's the best i can do. In the future a new version of the game will come with renewed features. Enjoy!

Finaly hahahahahahaha!Thank you very much! :D


I uploaded the local-coop version. I'm still polishing it up, but is the best i can do for now. If you need to use a joystick, for now, joy2ket is your best option (on Windows anyways).

got it already!Thanks for responding!


Please download the new file that i uploaded just now. The other one contained a few bugs i just found.