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I personally think that this visual novel is pure awesome. We would love to see more games like this. Here's some subjective compliments.

  • What Makes this Very Good

The Artwork - It's one of the things that amused me for real about this game. The art style is gorgeous, the lighting and shapes is visibly wonderful, the colors are stunning even if it's contrasted. Most art with contrasted colors do not balance very well. But this one did. And this one did great. Overall, the artwork is awesome and I stan.

Characters - This one is obvious. And is kinda related to the previous point. The main character [Sawyer] snaps at times but still lovable and lowkey kinda relatable at my point of view. The others are diverse and adorable. I'm in love with each individual. They're a colorful set of characters that are special in each of their own way.

Writing and Story - Some parts are heartwarming and flustering, some makes you laugh, some sad, I'm lovin' it. The roller coaster this visual novel gave me isn't bad at all. Some visual novels made me cringe but this one made me content.  The story unravel in a decent pace unlike some vns. It made me enjoy taking my time reading it. The writing style is comfortable to read. And bonus points for interesting plot.

Animation - We. Need. More. Visual. Novels. With. Animation. Yes, I know the animation is very simple but it added much more life into the characters. The blinking, the lip sync. Who says we need a lot, exaggerated, complex animation anyways? All of that already gives much more appeal to the characters. Lord, I love it.

Customization - Let's start by how you can change the main character's appearance [Sawyer].  I see quite an amount of visual novels defaulting their characters as white/pale especially in the anime ones though I don't really care but having the same skin color as your character made it feel much more personal. Love it. And as someone whose gender is as wobbly as jelly, the pronoun option is a big bonus for me. Not just she or he or they, but it provided alternate pronous like ze, zie, hir, etc. That'll be a big bonus for others. The authors are certainly not ignorant alright. *insert heart emoji*

Last but not least...

Music - Honestly, I could listen to the soundtrack of  this visual novel all day long while laying on the  dry grass, reading a novel. I'm in love with it. The soundtrack mesmerizes everything about this visual novel, making me feel a little more welcome to the atmosphere at some point. I love how it complemented the story and atmosphere well. Making me feel warm in the heart. It's a great choice.

  • What Makes this Not Really That Good (but still good)

Unnecessary Side Characters Looked Low on Quality - Tho I don't really care that much about it. But subjectively, more effort could be put in it and less too-rough brush strokes I guess. But it's not a big deal.

Only One Chapter - This visual novel IS so good and I don't want it to end but I guess it did. Though, I know this is a BIG job and lotsa work needed to be done for this visual novel and we'll support the creator always thou! Looking forward for future updates aaaaaaaaaa

Lotsa love, Anon.