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Yesterday I have tested both gp and mx. Really cool games with nice simulation level. But they do not use true balancing system. In fact arcade mode of the MTB Game use the same balancing strategy as mx. The lean is controlled by some external "magic" helper forces and handlebar angle is adjusted to the proper bike lean. It works good, but the difference with true balancing strategy is evident especially at low speeds, deep tilts, light weights and high gravity center. I strongly hope that it is possible to combine true balancing strategy and good playability without any external 'magic' forces. At least I want to try to do so. If I fail to do so, I will evolve the strategy used in arcade mode of the game and mx/gp simulators.

About cameras: in fact I always use chest or helmet camera to play (in all simulators, not only my), so I have no experience with external cameras. It means that feedback from someone who prefer 3rd person view cameras and have experience with them is very important. MTB Game has two 3rd person view cameras: one follows the rider rotation and pitch and one does not. Could you describe in detail how exactly 3rd person view camera should behave to be convenient for you (follow or not: yaw, tilt and pitch, follow hard or smooth, how hard the distance to the bike should be kept, how stable should be camera relative to the bike fluctuations and so on...)? Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Kamaev A.N.

Yeah I think the lean is tied to the steering somehow but there's also ways of tying it to the VR headset which I've been enjoying - counterbalancing the steer with a whole body movement is really immersive, especially when you tie the bike lean / steer to the gyro on a controller...

I worked out the chase camera, for some reason I thought it was just a 3/4 view but tried the camera controls on it and it's pretty good as is - I've got as far as the berm section now. Still finding it tricky to maintain control even on the arcade version , there's a couple of great edge cases where you suddenly spin 180 or 360 on the spot :)

cheers fella, Chris

180/360 degrees spin – is something unpleasant and annoying, but unfortunately it is natural (as I understand, we are talking about spins on steep descent in corners, otherwise it is something new and probably a bug). I have explored these spins in detail and conclude that they are induced by magic helper forces that maintain proper bike lean. In real life these spins are simple skids that leads to immediate fall, but arcade mode prevent falls by supporting bike with magic forces. On flat surface, when weight distributed uniformly among wheels it leads to drifting, but on steep terrain in corners 180/360 spin happens. If true balancing approach will succeed the problem will be solved on its own (no magic forces – no magic spins), otherwise I will think how to get rid of them in arcade mode. For now I can recommend to lean back and down to pass such corners safely. Good luck!