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any chance you’ll bring this to iOS as well? I’m craving some ‘blue’ on my phone 😁

Yeah I think the lean is tied to the steering somehow but there's also ways of tying it to the VR headset which I've been enjoying - counterbalancing the steer with a whole body movement is really immersive, especially when you tie the bike lean / steer to the gyro on a controller...

I worked out the chase camera, for some reason I thought it was just a 3/4 view but tried the camera controls on it and it's pretty good as is - I've got as far as the berm section now. Still finding it tricky to maintain control even on the arcade version , there's a couple of great edge cases where you suddenly spin 180 or 360 on the spot :)

cheers fella, Chris

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Thanks for getting back to me Aleksandr, and a real shame about the crowdfunding - as you say on the pitch, there's really nothing in this space... I'll keep trying with the demo, as a mountain biker myself it's realism that I'm looking for but the push back on the controls did seem excessive, maybe it's my setup... I've recently been getting into a motorbike sim that gets the realism balance really nicely called gp-bikes - really good and the free demo gives you a good idea of how it performs if you want to give it a go... The developer of that also does a Motorcross one that incorporates the sort of bike balance that you're attempting. As I say, I'll give yours more time, let me know if you want any feedback on progress - I'm an animator who uses 3d a lot so was really interested in the track editing you were proposing...

Best wishes


ps I just tried the arcade mode and it's much better, I guess I'm not ready for your hardcore take on the full realism :)

one thing that I noticed that would be really useful is a chase cam, the near 3rd person one doesn't rotate with the bike and without real physical feelings to inform of your rider's orientation and bike / rider position it is pretty difficult to get the trails ridden well. Starting to get the feel of it however, cheers!

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 I really want to like this (and likely back it on indigogo) but the controls seem a bit mangled - the turning has an effect on it, like resistance after you turn that makes it like riding one of those bikes that they reverse the direction when you steer... I'd love to play an MTB sim but this one  I just can't even get going on...

best wishes,