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How can you export what you see in preview mode? Ofcourse you can screenshot and crop it afterward, but is there a way to export it to a single image?

Hi! not yet.. i didn't think anyone would use it, as it's just a preview... I can add preview export for next release if you like.. Just curiosity, what would be the use case of it?


That would be really nice. To use it as a static sprite, to create that 3d-ish effect without using ingame shaders.

Would you mind the if the exported preview image has the size of the preview widget? Or you need it to have the same size as the original image? The framework i'm using has some limitations on how using opengl rendering.

The size of the previewwidget would be perfect.

Great! Anyways I managed to export the original size also while I waited for your reply.. just the lighting effect is not exactly the same as the preview.. I'll let the user chose wether he/she wants to export full preview or original size.

I was a ton of work! Expect it in next release!

Great to hear that xD