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I've found out using a console.log script that it turns out the QTB Arrow Moving is NOT being turned on, but for some reason this is only happening when I try to trigger it during battles. It works fine outside of combat but even when I copy and paste the exact same functions and events into a battle event, it doesn't seem to trigger. I feel like there could be something about a battle that might be interfering with this? Though I'm not sure what, exactly.

So apparently, the Trigger only works on the map screen.

 I'm not sure how I would go about it from here. I have tried manually triggering the QTB Arrow Moving as a Common Event in battle instead of relying on the Switch, which does move the arrow slightly, but it immediately freezes after a few frames. Not sure why.

 If I put it under the Loop instead, it begins looping upon itself before it is able to complete the QTB Arrow Moving event, which makes the arrow go haywire.

I hope you will be able to come up with something, perhaps trying it yourself in a battle screen might give you some more information and context? I'm very thankful that you've made this script, it works wonderfully  on the map screen and very much appreciate your assistance for this issue!