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I just finished the demo, and wow!

You did a great job, Deathroned is very promising :)

Im not sure if this is a known bug, my gamepad was unplugged (it's an xbone pad) and the game still booted with ps4 button icons (I saw mice and kb in the trailer so that's why I ask).

I inadvertently found the dust and gem cheat keys, so that was nice :D Also I was quite surprised to see a gamepad recommended, wouldn't pushing KB/M be more in tune with the audience you're aiming at?

Thanks again for this great demo, I look forward to seeing more from you!

Hi, thanks for playing and for the feedback, much appreciated.

Right now we only have the PS4 buttons implemented in the interface, although it works with any controller, that's why they didn't change, but we are planning on changing that later.

KB/M controlls are being redesigned and hopefully won't take us much longer to release an update alongside the previous stuff, we'll make a press release and notify you guys when this gets out :)

Again, thanks for playing, have a nice day!