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Something made me think about this game just recently, so I picked it up and reminded myself of how much I love it. I really can't put the experience into words - i feel like i can taste the musty air, smell the rotten iron, and feel the pain of all the imprisoned beings. Every time I play it something makes me jump or recoil, but the overall texture is so soothing and melancholy and lonely. I'll be waiting for the sequel with baited breath.

It was fun to notice that a few things here and there had been updated, but i also came across a few odd things that I figured I should mention:

-I've had a distressing audio bug multiple times where the sound of the knight's footfalls just cuts out completely. It occasionally happens as soon as you gain control, and very reliably happens if you draw your sword. No other sounds are affected, and transitioning to a new area seems to fix it.

-The delay between sword swings feels waaaaaaay longer than it used to be. Maybe this is a design choice, but it makes combat feel clunkier because you can't smoothly slide between attacks the way you could before. It also looks weird, since there's a stretch of time where the knight isn't visibly recoiling but nevertheless refuses to strike.

-Is the second hand in the rain sequence meant to not attack you? It just sits there now. Staring. As much as hands can stare, I suppose. (Also, I noticed you can't see the hands' bodies anymore, which is a shame imo.)

-The control prompts don't respond correctly to whether you're using a mouse or a controller. For example, the one at the end of the boss fight says "right trigger to slash through" even on keyboard, and on controller some of the interact prompts still say "x".

Thanks a lot Hepto, I remember you tweeting about it the first time you played. I have indeed changed a couple of things over time, so some bugs are in order ha. The sound thing I've know about for a while, next time I update the game I'll solve it. I didn't know the underwater bodies had disappeared though, that's a bug alright, same for controller prompts. Lastly, yeah the attack animation has changed a lot and is slower too, I'll try to improve it on the responsivness side though. Anyway, thanks for all the notes! Really appreciate the thouroughness.