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Alright then, I believe it may be because the mac version of the game is a bit old. Sadly updating it will take me a couple of weeks at least. I'll write you a comment here so you get notified when I upload the new version.

Hey no problem, I'm sorry I can't be of much help though. Have you noticed if this happens on other games made with unity, or only this one?

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Did you download the right version (x32 or x64)? Also Mac may identify the game as being from an unidentified developer, in which case you'll have to go to system preferences and allow Mac to open apps from unidentified developers. Apparently there are multiple ways to do it, some more detailed instructions here:

I don't personally own a Mac so it may be hard to pin point what it is.

Muchas gracias!!
La versión en español (y en otros idiomas!) es algo que quiero trabajar de hace mucho pero es un tema bastante complejo por la manera en la que funciona el texto en el juego (aquí un poco, pero donde es especialmente problemático es en la secuela que estoy desarrollando). Así que ahora mismo no sabría decir cuando podría sacar una versión en español.

Hey, lo de que se queda en morado puede ser que uno de los efectos de pantalla da error, podrías pasarme lo que dice el PlayerLog? Esta en "C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\Nonoise\0_abyssalSomewhere". El problema puede que sea complejo, si prefieres puedes pasarmelo por otro sitio donde haya chat (tienes twitter? soy @_nonoise)

Hey, suena a que quizás esté detectando un mando, tienes algún mando conectado o sino algun software que cree un controller virtual (como vJoy)?

Thanks a lot Hepto, I remember you tweeting about it the first time you played. I have indeed changed a couple of things over time, so some bugs are in order ha. The sound thing I've know about for a while, next time I update the game I'll solve it. I didn't know the underwater bodies had disappeared though, that's a bug alright, same for controller prompts. Lastly, yeah the attack animation has changed a lot and is slower too, I'll try to improve it on the responsivness side though. Anyway, thanks for all the notes! Really appreciate the thouroughness.

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I made some changes and I believe it should work, tell me if it's ok now!

I'll check it out, I think I may have some clue which area you mean. Thanks!

Hey hi! I'm not sure I can help you since it seems to be something related to the way works. I've searched the forums for people with similar problems and found this post with all the possible solutions I've come across, I hope it helps. Also, seems like proxies could casue problems too, and some people have to overcome the problem using a VPN.

Hey, sounds like you may have a controller plugged in (or maybe some software like motioninJoy active?). Sorry and tell me if it persists!

Oops, huge thanks for pointing it out, forgot the tag!

Hey, there is a mac version, one of the available files when you download is tagged {mac}

Muchas gracias Wagu ^^ Me alegro mucho de que llegaras a tener una experiencia a ese nivel.

Oh wow thank you! For playing and also rating it at A Maze, I'm curious about what you mean with the endings though.

I loved the music! And the colors! And the calmness. I got super emotional when I had to say goodbye to the man in the scarecrow house, felt like I was in the middle of an adventure. This game was filled with a lot of short but powerful little scenes.

It felt a lot like some of the most positive parts of Yume Nikki, which was super cool because I kept thinking I was in a horror game but kept receiving good vibes, it also had that cozy Alice in Wonderland vibe. Thanks a lot!!!

Thanks a lot!! The "These are wastes" part really caught me there, loved your playthrough.

Me alegro que ese fuera el tipo de miedo que te evoco, muchas gracias por compartirlo!!

Thanks a lot, happy I disturbed you a little bit hehe (I don't know about the upsetting though)

Me alegra mucho que te resultara ajeno de esa manera, para mi era uno de los temas mas importantes. Muchas gracias a ti por compartir tu experiencia personal. Aunque este en ingles, gran parte de la experiencia creo que se forma en lo visual y en como se presentan los personajes y demas, mas alla de la historia que se cuenta, y me da la impresion de que tu tambien lo has experimentado asi.

Hola! Acabo de subir una version para mac de 32 bits (antes solo estaba la de 64) es posible que esa te funcione? Normalmente abres la .app y ya esta. Si el problema sigue podemos hablar por twitter.

Muchas gracias ^^ Voy a seguir seguro, aunque me tome bastante tiempo.

Me encanta tu comentario, eres la primera persona que lo llama onírico y me encanta ese adjetivo, bueno eso y nihilista y el detalle del ser final, muchisimas gracias por tu perspectiva. No me parece nada tonto que tuvieras esos sentimientos. PS: me he asustado cuando he leido que habia un comentario de Trolleitor.

Thank you!!! ❤❤❤

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Thank you!! That's a bit flattering! ♡

I had a wonderful time! The aesthetics were soooo good, I really like the character designs and the environment was superb. The thoughts you had while examining the rocks were a nice detail.

Also the brief sense of adventure was a feeling I hadn't got for a long time, I really liked the simplicity of the story.

Thanks a lot!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it in its surrealness.

Just replied to you on youtube!

There'll be a bit more on that on the next entry.

I now feel extremely bad about my pc. My productivity is slightly increasing though!

Those desktop flies were friendly enough.

And I'm having a good time editing this
comment. oooooo ooo
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I'm having the time of my life.

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