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Hola! Acabo de subir una version para mac de 32 bits (antes solo estaba la de 64) es posible que esa te funcione? Normalmente abres la .app y ya esta. Si el problema sigue podemos hablar por twitter.

Muchas gracias ^^ Voy a seguir seguro, aunque me tome bastante tiempo.

Me encanta tu comentario, eres la primera persona que lo llama onírico y me encanta ese adjetivo, bueno eso y nihilista y el detalle del ser final, muchisimas gracias por tu perspectiva. No me parece nada tonto que tuvieras esos sentimientos. PS: me he asustado cuando he leido que habia un comentario de Trolleitor.

Thank you!!! ❤❤❤

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Thank you!! That's a bit flattering! ♡

I had a wonderful time! The aesthetics were soooo good, I really like the character designs and the environment was superb. The thoughts you had while examining the rocks were a nice detail.

Also the brief sense of adventure was a feeling I hadn't got for a long time, I really liked the simplicity of the story.

Thanks a lot!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it in its surrealness.

Just replied to you on youtube!

There'll be a bit more on that on the next entry.

I now feel extremely bad about my pc. My productivity is slightly increasing though!

Those desktop flies were friendly enough.

And I'm having a good time editing this
comment. oooooo ooo
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I'm having the time of my life.

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