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Thank you for the kind messsage, I'm glad you're still waiting for tower of no one, it will be done!! Thanks again ^^

Oh that's good information. From what I've gathered about Mac it's probably a permission's issue. When you click on start or continue a binary save file is created and maybe Mac doesn't  like that. I wonder if there's a way to authorise it? Otherwise I could disable saving for Mac builds (but it's bound to be a problem for the next game). Thanks for reporting it

Hey thanks for pointing that out! I'll have a look into it, I know a dev with a mac that may help me sort it out. Thank you for your words too

Someone else had this problem too, can you usually run other unity games in 3D without much issues? To be honest I'm not sure why this would happen, but I believe it has something to do with the shaders in the game and the graphic card

Hey, first of all thank you, really helpful for you to take the time to tell me about the bugs in detail.

1. I didn't know this one was possible, it'll be easy to fix so thank you again.

2. I'm not sure what you mean, there's a white single pixel in one of the corner of the screen usually, which may be what you mean (can't see it in the video) since the actual cursor is invisible,

3. This one may be harder to fix, I may leave it in there for now since it's not game breaking.

Thank you!!

Yes, it is. Though some things are tweaked from time to time.

Just uploaded a version for Mac that may solve the problem. Sorry for the headache though, I don't own a Mac and it's hard going around these kind of issues without one.

Hi! Si, te puedo hablar en español! Gracias por detallar el bug, sé donde esta el problema del que hablas. Y perdoname, se me paso responderte en su momento.

Hi, you may need to check an option for opening apps from unidentified developers, here's a link on how to do it:

Tell me if it helps!

Me alegro mucho de que te sea una experiencia positiva, gracias por compartirlo.

Muchisimas gracias!! Estoy trabajando en otra parte, es solo que me esta tomando bastante tiempo.

I probably am, thank you!

Muchas gracias por tu mensaje ^^ Es muy personal lo que me has dicho y lo agradezco bastante.

Se me olvido una cosa! Puede que te salgan las instrucciones para mando en vez de teclado. Si es el caso te paso la lista: 

space->atacar x->Interactuar z->Interactuar en algunos sitios especiales

Seria estupendo si lo grabas, me lo puedes pasar o por aqui si lo subes a youtube o quizás más fácil mandandome un mensaje con el video adjunto a mi cuenta de twitter.

Ya debería estar arreglado y actualizado! Avísame si el problema sigue ahí.

Hola! Qué sistema operativo usas? Has comprobado si has descargado la version correspondiente? Aparte, a veces los antivirus bloquean juegos de unity, has mirado si podria ser eso? También, sabes si te pasa lo mismo con otros juegos hechos en Unity? Perdona si te hago muchas preguntas y siento que te esté dando problemas!

Hola! Siento no haberte respondido antes, estoy trabajando en una manera de solucionar el bug y puede que tome un tiempo, te avisaré cuando lo consiga y haya subido el juego actualizado.

I had a great time playing it, the descriptions were brief yet evocative. I had never played a text based game before, thank you for the adventure!

Ya esta, arreglado! Aunque como te decia es cortito, en unos 40 minutos se puede acabar.

Hey aun no lo he arreglado, te avisaré cuando lo haga! Me va a ser dificil esta semana. De todas formas, muchas gracias otra vez por la preocupación.

Hola, primero muchas gracias por la apreciación. Esta pensado para una sola pasada, pero aún así como bien dices es un error, actualicé el juego hace unos días y parece que la funcion de continue ha fallado. Mil perdones que hayas tenido que empezar de cero, lo arreglaré tan pronto como pueda. Gracias por decírmelo!

Thank you for sticking around to play it!

Thank you. Happy Halloween!

Just uploaded a new version for mac that's made with a way more recent version of Unity!

Hey, thanks for playing it. Did it crash where it prompts you to jump? Or was it before that when you can listen to a statue?

Alright then, I believe it may be because the mac version of the game is a bit old. Sadly updating it will take me a couple of weeks at least. I'll write you a comment here so you get notified when I upload the new version.

Hey no problem, I'm sorry I can't be of much help though. Have you noticed if this happens on other games made with unity, or only this one?

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Did you download the right version (x32 or x64)? Also Mac may identify the game as being from an unidentified developer, in which case you'll have to go to system preferences and allow Mac to open apps from unidentified developers. Apparently there are multiple ways to do it, some more detailed instructions here:

I don't personally own a Mac so it may be hard to pin point what it is.

Muchas gracias!!
La versión en español (y en otros idiomas!) es algo que quiero trabajar de hace mucho pero es un tema bastante complejo por la manera en la que funciona el texto en el juego (aquí un poco, pero donde es especialmente problemático es en la secuela que estoy desarrollando). Así que ahora mismo no sabría decir cuando podría sacar una versión en español.

Hey, lo de que se queda en morado puede ser que uno de los efectos de pantalla da error, podrías pasarme lo que dice el PlayerLog? Esta en "C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\Nonoise\0_abyssalSomewhere". El problema puede que sea complejo, si prefieres puedes pasarmelo por otro sitio donde haya chat (tienes twitter? soy @_nonoise)

Hey, suena a que quizás esté detectando un mando, tienes algún mando conectado o sino algun software que cree un controller virtual (como vJoy)?

Thanks a lot Hepto, I remember you tweeting about it the first time you played. I have indeed changed a couple of things over time, so some bugs are in order ha. The sound thing I've know about for a while, next time I update the game I'll solve it. I didn't know the underwater bodies had disappeared though, that's a bug alright, same for controller prompts. Lastly, yeah the attack animation has changed a lot and is slower too, I'll try to improve it on the responsivness side though. Anyway, thanks for all the notes! Really appreciate the thouroughness.

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I made some changes and I believe it should work, tell me if it's ok now!

I'll check it out, I think I may have some clue which area you mean. Thanks!

Hey hi! I'm not sure I can help you since it seems to be something related to the way works. I've searched the forums for people with similar problems and found this post with all the possible solutions I've come across, I hope it helps. Also, seems like proxies could casue problems too, and some people have to overcome the problem using a VPN.

Hey, sounds like you may have a controller plugged in (or maybe some software like motioninJoy active?). Sorry and tell me if it persists!

Oops, huge thanks for pointing it out, forgot the tag!

Hey, there is a mac version, one of the available files when you download is tagged {mac}