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It's really fun, but there should really be a way to change the key binds, specifically for attacking with a keyboard. To attack with E, you must move one of your fingers away from the WASD movement keys, disabling your movement for a certain direction whenever you want to attack. To attack with X, you have to hold your hands in a really wierd and akward way, that i find very hard to use without confusing the jump button and the attack button all the time. My suggestion would be to add two more buttons for attacking, SHIFT or CONTROL, this way you can always have all your fingers on all the keys necessary, or something on the right side of the keyboard, for example J or H, so that you can play just fine with two hands on the keyboard. Other than that i love this game and it plays just fine with a controller, though you sort of need to have a controller to enjoy the game, which i find kind of annying.

Hey SoilBeige, thanks for the feedback! Could you have your right hand on the arrow keys (for movement) and have your left thumb on "space" and left index finger on "E"? That way you can have two hands on the keyboard and not in an awkward position? Let me know how that works out for you!