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Thank you Vlambeer <3


Wow this is an amazing comment! Thank you so much! I really do like all your feedback and I feel I must give answers to all of your points.

It's great that you beat the game! 4 hours?! Nice! I've still not been able to do a no death run yet :D. You make a good point about the message disappearing and I'll be sure to make it so the player has to press a key to go back to the main menu!

I've seen the other messages regarding making the d-pad move the player and I'll be implementing that next update (whenever that is).

A speedrunner timer is good but it would be persistent. What I mean by this is when you close the game, your time will be lost. The reason it will be this way is because I have no idea how to save things when the game closes :D. So you might have to make your own .txt and write down your times. I'll also be adding a death counter!

I will 100% be adding new levels to the game! I've already got 2 in the making and I might add a third. So I hope you enjoy them when they come out! (You will have to re-download the game from the same link when the updated version is out)

I'm really glad you had so much fun playing the game! That's really awesome!

Hey SoilBeige, thanks for the feedback! Could you have your right hand on the arrow keys (for movement) and have your left thumb on "space" and left index finger on "E"? That way you can have two hands on the keyboard and not in an awkward position? Let me know how that works out for you!

Thanks for the comment! I'll add that in my next update! Good suggestion :)

Nice video! Remember -- It's just a game (developed by the CIA) :-)

Haha thank you very much :)

Thanks so much Tocirah! :)

Thanks :)

Hey! I've updated the download so you can now use the arrow keys + ZXC! Sorry it wasn't in there by defualt :D

Thanks! I've got the same feedback from some other players that the keyboard controls are a bit weird. I used W, A , S, D because that's what works for me and feels natural. I'll be updating the download with arrow keys and z,x,c as soon as I can. Sorry about that! :)