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Thanks, it's fantastic knowing that you found it all interesting enough to be worth spending that time on.

You're not missing anything with the ending - Yaldukra being there is what's different. After that extra scene is done, he appears in several scenes in both the Upstream and Downstream endings that he'd have been absent for otherwise.

Sorry for any miscommunication that occurred there - without spoiling anything in that initial post, I was trying to make it clear that the scene would have a further effect, but not that its main purpose would be to change the ending.

Ahhh, I see. It's strange, though; I could have sworn that he was there before. I remember being really confused about it and all of the surrounding dialogue that suggested that I should know why he was there.

Then again, I could be getting characters mixed up. There are a lot of names to remember. (Hopefully it wasn't actually a bug; I have no idea of how I'd reproduce that one.)

Good to know that I'm not missing anything, though. Now that I've experienced all of it, thanks so much for a great game!

That does seem odd - did you do one ending without seeing all the chimera scenes, then go back and do the remainder you missed + the Yaldukra scene before doing the second ending, but still had him show up in the first? I'll have to look into that further as a potential issue if that's the case - thanks for your help.

Either way, it's great to hear that you enjoyed your time with the game.

I did both the upstream and downstream ending first without seeing the final chimera scene. I don't remember seeing Yaldukra in upstream, but I distinctly remember the whole "I'm guessing that you had something to do with this," conversation in downstream. I also remember being really confused when he spoke about how his tattoo reacted to... something that sounded likely sexual in the Side B content.

Then, I went back and finished the chimera scenes before going downstream again, and I didn't initiate any conversations with Yaldukra because I'd already seen them.

The extra chimera scene was the only one that I hadn't been through by the first go-round, though, so maybe it had something to do with that? I also remember running into some chimera in that well-lit area right nearest to the extra scene, but I never caught up with them, nor could I get them to reappear. My guess would be either THAT... or that I at some point played the game in a fugue state and had unlocked all of the chimera scenes all along. (Although the latter wouldn't explain how I went back and saw the scene after I re-loaded my save; I only saved once before the point of no return.)

Sorry if I'm not much help with identifying the issue. I haven't noticed that anyone else has claimed the same, fortunately, so maybe it's just some sort of fluke with how I handled the files.

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Same exact thing is happening to me and I'm not even done yet. I saw the scene with Greenhouse, I walked past the save point and it said something was unfinished, so i walked back to a random area, the usual glitchy chimera flew at me (it looked like Patricia) and.. nothing happened - then the bridge would let me pass without talking about being 'unfinished'. Then, downstream, Yaldukra says I saved him somehow. I'm thinking something bugged out and a scene was just.. skipped?

Reloading and trying my best to start the fight with it changed pretty much nothing, exact same problem over and over.

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Thank you for the additional specifics - it does seem to be an issue with triggering the scene that lets it effectively be 'skipped'.

The 16/07/19 version should fix this issue, please let me know whether it resolves the problem.