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I’m done with my Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski Baldi‘s Basics Mod

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Oooooooookay. Well since we're still here, I guess I should be constructive for once and tell you exactly WHY (I think) that duplex fangame is one of the numerous fabled epitomes of cringe.

For one, the graphics look very half-bothered.

Also, it's yet another one of the endless stream of Baldi's Basics fangames where it's literally just BBIEAL, but the characters and textures are changed. It just feels like mockery on the characters' and Baldi's parts. I mean, some serious-as-all-hell people are joining the same league as a bunch of dumb characters probably six year olds drew since they're also being character swaps in BBIEAL. Are they seriously participating in such a silly...trend? I mean obviously, because they have no choice and they are pieces of automata trapped in a modification, but are they really deciding to be like the rest of the people out there who had no choice but to make awkward fools out of themselves by playing parts in Baldi's school?

It also feels notably like mockery on Viktor's part, for very obvious reasons.

By the way, we already know that if Viktor DID defeat Baldi (and then take over his school, as you suggest), it would take quite a lot of effort to defeat him, since Baldi, being a metapotent entity in his universe, is definitely a cursed force to be reckoned with, with his abilities to freely manipulate quantum physics and glitch his simulation of a universe. This may or may not really be a valid point, but it just bothers me in general. And all of that fighting just to be a kindergartener! Like, are you for real. You didn't even renovate his school or anything. I mean, even if Baldi just got out of the way and let Viktor do his thing, why would Viktor do that? That's kind of a dumb thing to do, just take over the school of someone lesser than you and just move your entire faculty there. Especially when you have a better school.

Also, why is Laura still a cat? That was supposed to get reverted this version but oh well. There should be like customisations or something in AEWVS.

I just wanted to say...if the people of AEWVS did see your little fangame, I can assure you with 99.999% certainty that they would cringe.

Anyway. Have a nice day now. Bye.

Wow, whoever liked that comment must not be a...normie, I guess. Anyway, I was the one who did hundreds of cringy things in the past I wish I didn't do because I was an idiot and I just want to share my wisdom. Also every time I do anything...memorable, nowadays, I always think about if I'll think it's cringy in the future.