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This game is so cute! I love their personalities! Ren being grumpy and closed off but also caring and getting embarrassed was so adorable! And Taku trying to joke his way through things but being serious when it matters. Ai giving Ren space when she feels like he needs it but also doind something about it when she thinks he's sacrificing himself. The relationships were interesting and even though Taku's brother and Mira were minor characters I really like theirs. 

The art is great. I really liked the backgrounds. I mean, I liked all the art, but the backgrounds stood out to me though (maybe because I have trouble with them? haha). What program was used to make them?

Continuing on the things I like: the title. It works really well with people getting to know each other and growing closer. It also works really well with the ferris wheel scene ;)

Also, I was so invested in the story I cried a little bit. And squeaked.  It was such a good game, congratulations on doing it all in a month.