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Ah yes. Its completely released. ^^ 

Thanks for bringing this mistake to my attention!

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Thank you for giving this game a chance and most importantly for taking the time to leave a review. This made my day.  I'm glad you liked it 

Also glad you liked Ren. I was wondering halfway through if he came across as too insufferable lol. 

Thanks again! 

I'd call it a lowkey kinetic novel. There's a true ending with possibilities of bad endings if you make poor decisions along the way. 

Thanks for taking the time to play! I understand how the silhouette sprites may be disappointing and will definitely try to find a work-way around that in the future.

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I understand how the missing sprites would be disappointing. I ended up adopting this style of silhouetting out side characters just to keep projects more manageable for me as a person since my art isn't the strongest overall. Will definitely try to find a work-way around that in the future!

Thanks for giving this a try though. :')

I only have a twitter that I use, which is the same handle name as on here. Feel free to reach out on there.

Warning: I'm not the most active person hereon the internet so things like month-late replies happen. Sorry T_T

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words! :')

Really appreciate it.

Aah, noted! Must've been jarring to read over and over.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention .^^

Oh. Thank you! I'm so glad you like the game. Likewise. This comment made my day :') 

Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment! <3

And when one Tsundere isn't enough in the relationship, bring another one to intrude lowkey XD

Oh! That's a pretty big blow. :/ Wishing you luck working around it.  I'll be tedious, but hang in there! 
I'll reach out to you on tumblr and we can try and figure out how much help you need. ^^

Okay,  this was soft and so sweet, despite being so short! I LOVED it! Especially the contrast between the two boys and the dynamics in the way they interact.  Also I must say how your art is so pretty ! Simply adore the way you do the colours! (I can only wish to be able to draw like that some time soon!)

As for the story, I want more! And am very excited to know you're working on a Haunted House Project! You're doing amazing work and can't wait to see what comes next.

I also read the posts below and see you have/had troubles with customizing the GUI, if it's still eluding you, I'd be happy to help with the coding however I can (despite still being a more or less noob myself). ^^

Yeah sure . You can email 

^o^) /

Haha I'm really surprised that a lot of people liked that moment XD  Honestly though he was just supposed to be a silhouette until my co-writer suggested giving him a tiny little path of his own! Apparently that was a good decision lol.
I'm also working on a game again for this year's NaNoReNo which will be out some time during April and it's about an ordinary girl romancing idols! I'd be indebted if you could check it out once it releases!

-is shot for shameless advertising-

No! Thank you for taking the time to play this and for your super kind words! T_T

I know it look SO LONG to get back to you, but just know that we're deeply grateful for any and all feedback.

Arghhh... >.< Thanks so much for making this let's play thing! <3 I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for playing! (And commenting!) It give me life! T^T  AND DETERMINATION!
(Ps- The horrible dev apologizes for the late reply. T^T)

*giggles like a crazy person*

Ps- Thanks for playing!! T^T

Thanks so much for playing! (and commenting!) I'll definitely make more! even if they take entire eternities to release!

(Ps- The horrible dev apologizes for the late reply. T^T)

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Let's Plays are A-okay!~ (Though this reply probably took so long that you must have forgotten you even asked. Woops, irresponsible dev is irresponsible.)

That being said, if you do end up making on, please do give me a link to it. (Could do with some second hand embarrassment caused by my writing... or do you call this third hand? >.>)

Thank YOU for playing!!!! ^o^

I don't blame you! When the artist first sent me the illustration I was like "Woah!". And I may or may not have spent an hour or two panicking if this game was good enough to have them on board! >.<

(Ps- The horrible dev apologizes for the late reply. T^T)

VNs! Where the impossible becomes possible! Even though overly exaggerated, lol.

Thanks for playing ((and taking the time to leave me a line! ^O^))

(Ps- The horrible dev apologizes for the late reply. T^T)

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Thank you so much for playing (and your kind words) ^0^)/

Although a sequel is highly unlikely, I've been thinking about adding an 'Epilogue' of sorts in the game itself... like update it with dialogues only, possibly no new visuals. >.< But that idea is still in the works.

(Ps- The horrible dev apologizes for the late reply. T^T)

Welp! Congrats on the release!

Downloading it right away and will pop back (eventually)  with a review. ^0^)/

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Wah, I'm so sorry you went through all that trouble! The bad end was made so that it was the hardest to get unless you wee blatantly mean.

But I checked out the issue, and it's true there was a sliiighht little hitch in the coding side and all this happened because I typed the walkthrough from memory.

Anyways, will be uploading the fix soon.

For now, Quickfix, I've edited the walkthrough... T^T . (If you still have save files from your previous playthough, just choose one wrong option ie 3/4, so maybe Accuse the pink girl at the aquarium and it should lead you on Atsu's path)

(I wanted the good ending to be available even if one mistake was made, it ended up being that it would only show up IF that one mistake was made)

Again, really really REALLY sorry for all the trouble! I hope Atsu'll make up for it! T^T

Thanks you so much for playing and taking the time to drop by! ^^

I'm really glad you liked them shady shady people. XD Noface is precious. He was supposed to have like what, a handful of lines... But he ran away with us. >.> Woops.

OMG NO! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS! (*cough* Will stop caps spamming now) And no worries, virtual hugs count as more than enough. ^O^)/

---Ending spoiler (?)----

From what you're saying, I'm thinking you got the Atsu-end and the bad ending? Anyways, there's a kind of walkthrough, here. And hopefully that helps.

First off, thanks for playing!

Second off, I typed up a guide.

Hoping this helps you get off the resentment path~! ^^ Please do drop by after completion. :3

Thank you so much for playing!!! (and dropping in ^O^)/

I'm really glad you enjoyed this game filled with silliness and nothing but. :3 I guess Pastel Rain is a little more serious? I really don't know, lol. But at the end of the day, thanks for your support! :3

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Thank you so much for playing!!! <3

Reading this here comprehensive review made my day. No, really, this was the first thing I read after waking up this morning! ^^

I am really glad you enjoyed those small little details in regard to the dynamic between the two mains and the sides. The originally planned out scenario was half as long and the silhouettes were just that, insignificant little silhouettes... But as time progressed, they kind of just ran away with the plot. XD


And about the fake fiance suddenly getting a sprite... Godline and I were kind of bummed out that noface(what we call him) had no actual appearance the more we wrote for his path... and there was this issue of art styles clashing should we have included the current face for too long. So voila, enter plot point, lolol (Maybe such a spur of the moment reason shouldn't actually be revealed? XD XD)

Anyways, THANK YOU so much for your kind words and taking the time for this. I feel overjoyed, humbled and a bunch of other emotions at the same time. T^T

Edit- Omg, it's forever Monday!!! Will definitely get to fixing that and updating should a future release occur. Woops.

Edit2- Fixed the calendar issue in the new build. :3

The calendar was actually made *to* mimic Persona 4. But the thing is, it's a Creative Commons asset, so I deserve no actual credit for having made you laugh ^^

Welp, that was an amusing ride. XD

From the moment the buttons weren't buttons anymore, I was like 'Whaaaat?' and the things from there on, just, wow.

*applauds the creative minds behind this here game*