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Omggg. Ngl I get scared every time I get a comment to this game because in retrospect its just so chopped up haha.

But I'm super glad you like it! (And super touched thay you remember my games enough to keep track of them. ಥ‿ಥ)

Thank you so much for your support 😊💞

Wahh thank you. They were my soft headcannon for a looongg time. haha

Thanks for playing and taking the time to leave a line!

I'm glad you weren't completely put off too much by Souma and were able to like him atleast towards the end. (≧▽≦)

Thanks for playing! And taking the time to leave a line 

I present to you the walkthrough ^^

No. Thank you for going into more detail! Will definitely keep these things in mind going forward and in a way from the player's perspective and what they see with little to no solid information about their previous relationship I can understand how it could raise major red flags! The intent was for things to mellow down on his route but if people are really turned away from said route it becomes a little counter productive.  Sadly I don't think I can overhaul Souma and what he is at this point but I really appreciate the constructive criticism! ^^

Thanks for taking the time to leave a line!

Oh I wouldn't want to spoil what's already tied up neatly. A sequel would mean their relationship has hit troubled waters and I almost don't want that for them haha.

Glad you did!! 💜

Wahh glad you liked it ❤️❤️

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Hello! I'm not sure what exactly the issue is since nothing has changed from the end of the game page since it was put up.

Could you try deleting all your files and re-download it from scratch ? (Ah, but I think you've tried that already huh?)

Does it say specifically what file is missing?

Haha cheers! ❤️

Thanks for playing and taking the time to leave a line :')

It's in Yuki's nature to be passive about things and overthink to the point it makes him uncomfortable. And Souma's to go behind what he thinks is right blindly. 

That being said, I'm not sure what parts make him come across as an outright abuser, so I'm sorry you felt that way. Will try to do better in the future when I tackle such characters!

Okay! Sorry for the wait! Here's a surefire guide to Souma!

[[[spoilers CLEARLY]]]

1. What brings you here?

2. It's okay, I'll hear him out.

3. Run Away.

4. Serve him yourself

5. Chase After him.

6. Invite him over to share Gram's dinner

7. Wish for Souma to be nice to you.

8. Invite him in/Get him a drink

9.  Don't interfere

10 . Boop the snoot/Misdirect

11. Tell her about Souma

12. Take a quick Nap

----- Souma's Route ---- in case you need one once you're in XD

13. Bring him pudding

14. Stay Still

15. I'm not sure myself

16. To Souma's place

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Ayy just give me 2 days give or take. I'm back home and didn't really bring my laptop along nor do I have the game on my phone. I remember the gist of how the routes work but I don't want to lead you astray and give you any more grief than Souma has already caused with his tough route haha . So I'll need to look through it real quick. and get back to you.

There sort of is an android version. But I think it's a little unstable with what android versions are allowed to download it and the like

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Oh myyyyy. Just give me a bit, I'll whip up a walkthrough real quick.

I'm sorry you went through so much hassle! You must really be annoyed at Izumi right about now 

Oh nooo.  I'm glad you were able to get the endings despite all the toils you went through! I kind of did strap the margin of error on the choices a little too tight. Sorry about that.

And I'm also super glad that you liked playing through!!!

Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment!!

Thanks for taking the time to play and leave a line!!! 

Ohhh OwO I didn't think they'd have too much excitement in their dating life given that all the DrAmA is over hahah.

Just know they live happily ever after, drama and misunderstanding free :3  

Awww. I'm glad you liked it! Ren's one of those characters that I was scared would come off too prickly... So it warms my heart when people like him. 

A part of me wants to make a sequel, but like you said don't want to spoil things up haha.

Thank you for playing and taking the time to leave a line! 

Oh nooo ^_^;

Right from the common route, huh? That's pretty early on! Chalking this as major instincts on your end, haha.

About the Izumi favouritism, I can't really say I prefer Izumi over Souma... maybe some things just happened subconsciously?  ^3^  I think maybe it comes across that way because there's a little bit more completeness(?) to Izumi's arc.  In hindsight, I do think that Souma's route doesn't have the URGENCY towards the end because Izumi is more intimately tied to the debt. 

^3^ woop

Oh my. You caught THEM ALL! I had wondered if the young Tsukihara-san clue was a bit too vague, but if you caught on then I guess it's not too far fetched. >.< Thanks for listing them out , it helps !

I've watched my fair share of the richxpoor dramas, so I guess I can confirm there was heavy influence from there haha.

(Yes, it is. The only reason old Tsukihara went the personal route was because he got news of what Izumi was doing over there ^^)

Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment!

Glad to know you enjoyed it :')

Oh noo haha. 

Same though. Have a thing for misunderstandings and second chances (if you couldn't already tell X3)

Oh nooo everyone's being blindsided with all that drama haha

Either way, thanks so much for playing and taking the time to comment 😊


Ahh that's ending started with the thought that there should be a consequence for getting with Souma but hiding it from Izumi (even if it's for the good intention of sparing his feelings)  But then I guess I just got a little bit carried away with how far Izumi actually went oops. 

And truly, it warms my heart that you felt so strongly about it. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner.

Thanks again for playing !

Thanks so much for playing and taking the time to leave such an in depth review!

Glad you enjoyed it!

About the unbalances CGs, we were kind of pressed for time and weren't able to get Izumi's second one done but thought it best to just go with this for now. 

The extra characters were actually a free resource, is why they don't have expression variations. I tried over painting them a little so they'd be a little similar to the main art but oops there's still a quite noticeable difference >.<

Hm and I think I can understand the feeling of Souma's route being a little rushed.  Did you have that feeling more towards the end of the playthrough?

Also about Izumi's uhm lineage, is it possible to know exactly when you connected the dots? ( I think it'll be interesting which to know which clues did the pointing haha)

Thanks again for playing !😊

Yo congrats on getting them endings!

I guess the only one you have left is post Souma's route. Go for it! 

Here's hoping you'll like it haha

Yo! You got the good ending on the first try, then? Thoroughly impressed haha.

Kind of spoilers(?)

Oh aaa... You got that. :') Could you let me know exactly when you connected the dots with respect to Izumi? (Idk I just feel like I want to know which of the tiny little clues actually lead there. )

Thanks so much for playing and taking the time to leave a line!! ^^


This game is still in development, so there's no download as of yet  :')

Thanks for playing !!

I'll admit I tightened the point strings kind of hard for the route pushing this time around.

Let me know if you need a guide!

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Chunky good or chunky bad lol.

Ah! I'm glad Souma grew on you and that you enjoyed(dare I say) both of the routes. ^o^

For Mei and Rei, tbh I wasn't sure how much would be too much especially given that their sprites don't have all the expressions like the bois. So we kept it sort of barebones.

Thank you so much for playing and taking the time to leave a line. [Also for the consistent support ! :') ]

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Sorry you had this issue. But this game has been up for more than a year and I can certainly say that it contains no virus of any kind.

I did a little digging and it seems to be a false positive wherein the file isn't recognized by the antivirus so it does this classification

Had lots of fun playing through this! Absolutely in love with Jay. he's just my type of guy lmao!

Can't wait for the second part *O*

Also woop

The top of her head is a mess, let's just pretend we don't see that. kbye. >.<

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Aww, thanks :') Super glad you liked the bois. It's good that the option of choice paid off !! This was the first time I ever made something with multiple legit love interests and I was afraid it would come across as unbalanced. But went for it!!! 

Oh lol. You listened to Sawoooma too! If I remember right, it also says Azumi instead of Izumi. It's a treat tbh.


I'll admit, I did crank the point system a little too far, leaving almost no margin of error like I usually do. That's probably why you got the stabbity stab one that often . Woop sorry haha.

Also Oops(2). Everyone's hating on Izumi for that ending... I guess in retrospect that does a leave a horrible taste in ones mouth knowing he's capable of that... But  I mean at least he didn't burn the place down(?) Maybe Souma should've done something horrible too haha.

I'll end by thanking you again for taking the time to review!!Also for playing my other games and the consistent support :')

Glad you enjoyed it!! 😄

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a line !!

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Hello hello!

Thank you for playing and taking the time to leave such a comprehensive review!!

Congrats on getting all the achievements haha. (and playing through all the parts)

I'm glad you liked Souma!! Enough to feel so strongly about his pining!! ❤️ I wanted to write him as a gruff thug but he kept getting soft at various points. He has a mind of his own lmao.

Please don't kick Izumi... (Even though he fully deserves it at that point) haha. As for the foreshadowing it was honestly a struggle deciding how much was too much, but with your input, feeling more at ease.

Ahh the alternate ending thought does make me wonder. But I feel like that context would have too much drama and  too many challenges to summarize within just an epilogue XD Anything where the press can get you and Pride-y MCPride Face is breathing down your neck will get messy, you can bet.

Thanks again for playing !! :')

Thanks :')

It was the first asset we made when we felt like we needed to make this game.

Aww thank you! Glad you liked it :')

Glad you enjoyed it!! 😊

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Oh wow, that's really kind of you to say! It's heart-warming knowing that people enjoyed this little story of mine. A part of me feels like I don't deserve such high praise, but really, thank you for taking the time to play and leave a comment. ^^

And about crowd-funding, I probably won't go that route any time soon, but please do continue to support future releases!! :')

Knowing that you loved the game and the characters and who they are really makes me so happy.  Aaah. Personally I wish I could have written more for Ai, but it is what it is, woops.

Oh nooo. The backgrounds! I'm no good at them either, sadly. All praise goes to the royalty free assets. You can find most (if not all of the here --->

Random fact: My stupid brain kept spelling Ferris wheel all wrong and my CG artist had to set me straight haha.

Also thank you so much for playing and taking the time to leave a comment, it gives much positive affirmation and just all round motivation.