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The last two days have been quite productive again (and they needed to be, because I have to go to work again starting tomorrow).

I have another short video dev log for you:

I show off the round based combat complete with attack animations and different action point costs.

The user interface is also improved, it previews how much action points a shot will cost and it shows numbers for health and action points.

This is done via libgdx BitmapFont (you can easily create a bitmap font from any font on your system using Hiero. There is also the option to use freeType which creates the fonts on the fly, but as @nathantolbert discovered, this does not work if your game is compiled to html. That's the reason I stuck to a normal bitmap font.

Some plans for the next update:

- health pickups (easy)

- weapon pickups (moderately difficult, I want to modify action point cost, laser color, damage and weapon design)

- suit improvement pickups (moderately easy, I want to give the player more max health points and more max action points)

If there is time I would like to implement a story - most likely you get radio messages (with voice acting? - #libgdx say they would prefer orders from a female voice - we'll see.)