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So, I bought this pack as well as the base Time Fantasy Character pack, and I love your work. However, I am using your character generator as well, the character sheets for the generated character are smaller than the character sheets included in these packs. Am I doing something wrong?

The new generator is for a new style, "Elements", so they have a slightly different size than the classic Time Fantasy stuff. Thanks!

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Understood, thank you very much! Another question if you don't mind? Will there be an expansion for the character generator? I would love having more weapons to choose from. Like Flintlockes, whips, daggers staves, mace, etc.

Yes! I plan to release multiple expansions. Now that the new tileset packs are out, I'll be working towards a character piece expansion for my next release. Will have new clothing pieces and some new weapons and tools too!

Incredible! I am highly waiting in anticipation! Thank you so much for all the hard work that you do!