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Early Update


Because if I accomplish a lot more than this today, I'll be very surprised. 

I decided it's time for the moving pictures. Messed with the strangely intuitive ScreentoGif to capture two scenes at 15 and 25 fps respectively. Next time, try resizing to 400 px height.

Also rolled up my sleeves and had at the game's core code today. It was.... surprisingly much more complicated than I thought it'd be -- giving the player the freedom to select who they want to date, and in what order...  

I love y'all though, and this is the only way of doing it that made sense to me. :\

I clocked in at about 400 lines of code. Though I'm sure there's ways of tidying it up -- it works perfectly with no loopholes that I can find.

So I can safely say I've built a functioning game in less than a day!!! I made the cake! :) Just gotta try and make the icing now, which includes actual writing and artwork.

Some music that kept me motivated:  

I would normally never condone else if spam, but seeing we only have about a week left to finish our games, all the power to you lol. I would love to see what you can come up with in the future that doesn't require hard coding.

Woo! I'd love to see what I can come up with in the future too.

This is actually the extent of my coding knowledge, so if you have any specific alternative I can look into (after the jam of course) in regards to else if hard coding, I would love to learn. :)