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Oh no, she's adorable

I'm not sure how I haven't checked this thread before now. This concept is very memorable, it's going to stay in my head probably until I go to sleep.

I'm already intrigued by the nasty bunny friend's bullying habits and am half-expecting the girl to overtake the eldritch being's throne by the end. I love that she's a cyclops.

I'm getting some Alice: Madness Returns meets Undertale vibes, which I promise is a compliment.  You've mentioned that the general aesthetic will be childlike, which makes sense considering the premise -- I'm curious what plans you have the game's audio, if any.

I don't want to give away too much, but I promise there will be no ear-shattering screamers, jump scares, or anything of the sort. I have some ideas for possible ways to use audio to my advantage, but I'm not a professional or anything.

Thanks for the interest!