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I've tried it and its just... excellent. But I've just sold my Oculus Rift to update to Oculus Rift S and... it's not supported :(

Will it soon be supported by Oculus Rift S ?

I miss it XD

Anyway, keep going it's excellent !!!

and... do you have a discord ?

there's another attack on titan vr in development like you by an individual, he's helped by testors and other people giving a hand with textures, modeling, things like that and it helps to do some publicity...

shouldn't you do the same ? I'd be the first member (after you of course XD)

Rift S does work, I use it

Thanks for the info, good to know (i'm developing it using only htc vive)

It's working ! I've just installed the rift S, maybe that is why it didn't worked at the first place. :)

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thank you Gwenwhyvar :)

Currently i'm using steamvr plugin and windows platform, i dont know what sdk uses rift s currently