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thanks for your advice, I will consider them for future updates ;)

you're absolutely right :)

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Hi, I think someone has made input mapping from index on discord, check it ;)

Currently i don't have a quest, so i can't port it to quest as apk, also it requires to make the entire code from scratch, however you can play it connectin quest to pc:

Endless levele generator ;)
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Very fun video :D

You can become a titan on normal mode, if health goes down to 40% ;) 

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you can join to discord server ( if you like, and see here current controls for vive/oculus on info channel. turn is on development.


Thanks for the video report! i will add this bugs to the roadmap ;) if you like join to the discord channel here:

I'm publishing a update that fix this just now (4.3.8)

Thanks for the info, good to know (i'm developing it using only htc vive)

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thank you Gwenwhyvar :)

Currently i'm using steamvr plugin and windows platform, i dont know what sdk uses rift s currently

Thank you, I try to find all ways to drop down motion sickness, but on this type of game it's very hard.

Anyway, yes, I can add snap turning on next updates


You welcome ;)

Thank you! Currently i'm working alone, it's a small project, I don't think I can make collaborations for now, but thanks anyway

Hi, what headset are you using? rotation should only occur when you use left touchpad/thumbstick

It works?

is on the way ;)

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Thank you!

if I can, in the next updates I will give the opportunity to transform into a Titan ;)