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Is automatic, when healt goes below 20%

Input binding for quest are diffrent. You need to make it on steamvr options. Officially isnt supported.

Have you read description? Quest is not supported 

Some user posted configuration files for index controllers on our discord page, check it out

Have you read game description? Apk is not available, you can play it only with a quest connected to a Pc via USB.

Game is free... price is no set, only donations. Anyway, I can't update game constantly, I don't have enough time to work on it (primary job takes me all the time) 

Fun trailer 😂

Try to restart steamvr and the game

Yes ;)

Vr headset used?

Vr headset used?

follow steps here: 

What headset are you using? Try to restart both headset and steamvr, then restart the game 

I'm italian, me too 😜

Great video! :) Many users don't know how to play the game on quest. maybe you can make simple tutorial how to, if you can :)

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Some user tested it with link cable connected to a pc and steam, I don't have a quest. Join to our discord, maybe someone can help you

Not for now, I'm unable to test it with wmr

You playing it with oculus, vive or index? You should have a vr headset and also steam installed 

Hi, there is currently no multiplayer mode planned

thanks for your advice, I will consider them for future updates ;)

you're absolutely right :)

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Hi, I think someone has made input mapping from index on discord, check it ;)

Currently i don't have a quest, so i can't port it to quest as apk, also it requires to make the entire code from scratch, however you can play it connectin quest to pc:

Endless levele generator ;)
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Very fun video :D

You can become a titan on normal mode, if health goes down to 40% ;) 

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you can join to discord server ( if you like, and see here current controls for vive/oculus on info channel. turn is on development.


Thanks for the video report! i will add this bugs to the roadmap ;) if you like join to the discord channel here:

I'm publishing a update that fix this just now (4.3.8)

Thanks for the info, good to know (i'm developing it using only htc vive)

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thank you Gwenwhyvar :)

Currently i'm using steamvr plugin and windows platform, i dont know what sdk uses rift s currently

Thank you, I try to find all ways to drop down motion sickness, but on this type of game it's very hard.

Anyway, yes, I can add snap turning on next updates


You welcome ;)

Thank you! Currently i'm working alone, it's a small project, I don't think I can make collaborations for now, but thanks anyway

Hi, what headset are you using? rotation should only occur when you use left touchpad/thumbstick

It works?

is on the way ;)

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Thank you!

if I can, in the next updates I will give the opportunity to transform into a Titan ;)