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this game is great! thanks for making and sharing it. there's so much more depth than i expected. i've been playing for several days now. i appreciate the thorough manual, too.

i've noticed that the game (in browser) crashes to a black screen once in a while, sometimes apropos of nothing, sometimes immediately after a save (which is alarming, but i found that the save actually was successful), and sometimes when trying to enter or leave a town. also, one time it crashed to a command prompt that was full of error messages, which i didn't have the foresight to copy and paste for future reference. anyway, the crashing doesn't bother me, as i just save constantly. i don't know if this information might be helpful to you. 

also, could you please offer a hint as to where i may seek the Spectacles?

Hey! Sorry for the delayed response. Busy weeks at work :)

Yeah, there is some memory allocation issue in the engine that causes crashes in-browser. To my knowledge, the downloaded version does not suffer from the same problem. I'm still trying to figure out why.

Hint about spectacles: they can be found near Castle South... behind an Emerald Gate :)