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Day two...

Started sketching out the first love interest, Sanga. Her proportions bugged me a couple times so spent some time refining her and blocking out her colors. Might try to go back to the scientist before bed.

Did more research into the GUI of other games. Wrote 8 pages of game script (including some branching paths).


Goal: By the first week (Sat 13th), export a playable demo for the team so they can see what we've got so far and make suggestions.

Need to decide on a second love interest -- I have a couple of ideas, I just need to stick to one and develop it properly.

I'm feeling fairly short-winded and doubtful today. Got a bit of a nasty mind gremlin that's telling me "I'm not doing enough," but I know it's full of beans. By the end of this jam, I'll be looking back at this thread and marveling at myself, I'm sure. But for now: aaaaaaaaaaaa

I know that feeling: like you aren't doing quite enough in quite enough time. Keep it up, get that script done at least and you'll have plenty to show off, even if the characters aren't perfect!


Hello friend, I super appreciate this! :) And you're absolutely right of course. 

Sometimes writer's block gets a mind of its own but I'm doing my best to fight it!!