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I played this game in one sitting, and I honestly would recommend it.  

The art style was amazing, props to you or whoever designed them as it's really well done and fits with the game. I also personally love it every time I hear Louis's voiceline on how he never signed up for this.

The writing was also great. It's actually somewhat disappointing how short this was, because I really got attached. You managed to develop Ishara's character to a sufficient amount in a short amount of time, and congratulations for that.

In spite of all this, there is still one complaint I have about the game: the battle system. I didn't particularly enjoy the occasions I had to go to battle, and much preferred following the story line. It wasn't a very exciting system, and the only thing I can really compliment it on is the amazing voice lines in it.

I guess to conclude this, I think it's a great game. The battles weren't that exciting, but I can give that up as it didn't make a huge part of the game, and the story was too engaging and well-written for me to have major qualms.  As the commentor below me stated, I think it'd be great if you make a second game. Maybe make it longer too, I'd love to spend a couple more hours with this story :)


Glad you liked it!! The game was made in 1 month for the NaNoRenO game jam, which is actually a blessing in disguise because, otherwise ... I know I would not have finished it! Haha. I still dream about making a pirate game, so this would be the world and chars I would go to first.

For those reading who haven't played yet: Battles can be turned off in the options menu.