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Thanks again for your feedback.

I will try to reproduce and fix the bug! Thanks a lot for the efford and time :)

Any time. Just one more update for the non-exit - I got a torch at one of these levels and there was a small room completely walled off, but the exit wasn't there either. Might help with tracking down the problem, though.

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Final feedback:

- Sometimes chests, camp fires and staircases appear in front of a passageway, making it impossible to reach parts of the level (or taking damage doing so). This isn't a big deal though there could be a small possibility that a staircase is blocked this way. Didn't happen so far for me.


- I think it is well balanced in regards to monsters - I don't think there is a need for nerfing or buffing any of them,

- Perhaps consider doubling the HP bonus from food,

- I wasn't using the Cloud thing at all almost. I only used it once to some effect so far and it was a very unusual situation. Compare to pickaxe which seemed unusable at first, but in actuality it saved me a couple of times and even got around the non-exit bug,

- The torch is useful but I feel its effect should be buffed. Perhaps making it last for two or three levels.

Awesome ideas! Will definitely implement most (if not all) of the suggestions. Would you be interested in testing further games/updates I work on?

Absolutely! I actually had a lot of fun doing this and would be happy to test further updates.