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This game still has crazy combos. The more I find, the more they leave the realm of practicality. Satoshi has crazy extensions to what has already been found, nothing really new. Shirley and Marv however surprise me with their combo potential for example:

Shirley(Any, Tofuman):

"2C - 5D - 5Y - airdash j.5B - 5C - 6A - jc j.(5C - 5D)"

Comment: This combo is nearly impossible to do in real time anywhere near consistently so I just did this in slow motion and sped it up for viewing pleasure

PSS: Make sure to middle click the link

Shirley(Any, Gigli):

"5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - jc j.(5C - 5Y[2]) - 5B - 5C - 5D[2] - 5B - 5C - 6A - 2C - 5D"

Comment: This one is also slowed down because I could not execute, but I sped it up for viewing pleasure it's great eye candy

Shirley has been slept on combo wise, she deserves this.

Wow, these are crazy, especially the second combo! Shirley is probably the most technical character in the game, I modelled her after Venom and Zato from Guilty Gear.  Awesome to see the character's potential being used!

Just found new tech that'll make "6A - 2C" easier you can cancel 6A with 2D and follow up alot easier if you have no ghosts out