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Thanks man. I see that you've been using Unity so your implementation will no doubt be different, but my river effect was made by:

- Rendering the scene.

-Rendering the scene again, but flipped upside down. This gives me the reflection of everything above the shore. I hold off on rendering UI stuff until after this is done, so the UI isn't reflected too.

- I have a simple ripple shader to distort the reflected image. It stops the reflections from looking too static.

- On top of that I have two seamless river textures I drew (so they can scroll endlessly), each is transparent and they slowly scroll sideways at different speeds. This is to give the surface some shape with shading and highlights. Since the two textures move independently, they give the impression of the waves changing shape as they move. They also darken the reflection underneath a bit.

It took a lot of experimentation to get an effect I was happy with and I redid the water textures a bunch of times. Honestly, you'll probably have an easier time doing it in Unity. Good luck dude.

Thanks for the detailed answer! I really appreciate your help! 

will this game ever come to Mac OSX?