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Thank you for your feedbacks, but I want to reply to the composition of the team: actually, we didn't have much choice for the composition, it's the same composition for each team (in our school).

I really think that almost (wink wink, team) each people in the team have done their part and were useful to the project. We didn't reach every expectations we had (this "demo" is far away from our ambitions and will but it's a start, isn't it?) but since you're a professionnal game dev, I think that you know that, sometimes, game creation goes through some hard times. And thanks to our PM who keeps an eye on our very tight scheduled, organized the work, managed the team to make all of us work as one, we ended up creating something.

Of course, we're still learning and we make mistakes but it's how the learning process work: making mistakes, learning from them, making something better. And that's why I thank you and each person who give us feedback, because it helps a lot.

However, I fully agree with the fact that we needed more artists, more coders (each time, they did their best to make everything happened) and more sound designers. Unfortunately, this isn't up to us (it's some kind of pre-requisite instaured by our school).

So, thank you again for your feedback, there are interesting advices in it! ^^ And sorry for the long text, haha!