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The game have so much potential to be good. Right now the job that you do after succesfully return from a wrong turn can be exploited if you know what option to pick (and there's not that many). Plus i can't really see the reason behind the employee stats (Profesionalism, Fun, Fear level, etc) Either the game doesn't really show the significance of the stat enough, or it's not implemented yet. Either way, looking forward for the full release of this game !

P.S. : Seems like the healing move from the Mascot class need to be buffed a little (It double heals you, but no dish and trash is given (or maybe I didn't noticed and I'm just being dumb right now)). However, i never finished Darkest Dungeon, so who am I to judge the mechanic of the game...

I know that one of the stats makes it so if you clean up a mess in the arcade wrong turn, you don't take damage.

I'm pretty sure it's professionalism but idk.

It checks for Competence, so you’d be able to get through certain blockades for free

Thanks and definitely noted!