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you know what doesn't matter its fine don"t worry about it

Eh... what do you mean it won't let you open Ren'Py? Hmm, you don't need to actually open Ren'Py if you're going the drag and drop trick. :)

2 ways:

  1. Install Ren'Py, make an alias on the desktop, and drag the whole game folder there. (This is the one that I personally do. This is also the easier one.)
  2. Install Ren'Py, open the application, open "preferences" at the lower right corner, then for "projects directory" select the folder where you have the game that you want to open. You can then click "Launch Project". (I can't do this one because I have a separate folder for my own created games that I use as my "projects directory". But when all else fails, I do employ this 'trick'.)
Sorry if I can't provide any other solution! As I said, I too have a mac with the newest update, Sierra, and these two solutions work perfectly fine for me. Even I still don't understand why I'm unable to open some Ren'Py games after the update, though.

the thing is nether of these things work unfortunately so i don't know what to do!

Aaah, I'm sorry, I really don't know anymore. :( If even the Ren'Py thing doesn't work, you can try uninstalling it then reinstalling it again, maybe? Looking at your other comments though, perhaps there's something out of place with your os update? There are some games I couldn't open after updating to Sierra too, but these two tricks above have never failed me. :( Aside from them, I really have no other workarounds. I'm so sorry!

don't worry about it and its not just your game i have the same problem with 8 other games and if you cant think of a way to help then don't worry about it its the thought that counts and thanks any way even it it didn't work in the end!