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I did say I was tampering with a Frakir specimen last I left off, no?

But before I dive into the juicy bits of this post, let me first showcase what led to the final result:

On first glance, this appears to be a typical Frakir specimen. However, if one looks closely, one will realize that the zooids have been "segregated" (each "arm" now has zooids strictly from the derivative species)!

This "Segregated Frakir" was originally an experiment to see how a Frakir specimen would perform if its zooids (particularly, its utility zooids) weren't shuffled around for synergies. The verdict? the above form can still perform decently, although the Saenus Beefuorus section lags behind the rest due to its utility zooids (the Pushers) not helping out in combat much.

Now, on to what I did next...

With the discovery of the Vagorus species, some of you may have seen this coming.  As to how I managed to do this, I simply injected the DNA sequences gathered from my prior research of various Vagorus specimens into a modified Frakir (the extended "arms" being the modification, made in anticipation of the formation of a new "arm"), and let it feast from the nutrient dispenser in the aquarium. Just as I predicted: It grew a brand new "arm", made up of Vagorus zooids. The result is a five-pointed Frakir, although improvements can be made to the enormous "void space" between the arms...'s still a good killing machine though.

I decided to call this freak-of-science Freikir, for the name is similar yet different from the one that started it all: Just like the specimen itself.

That's all for now, but before I go:

Next time we meet, let's just say that the Cra'than aren't the only ones with sessile specimens anymore...

Oh Vagorus, you surprise me...