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I first found about Matt Reeves watching John Wolfe and it's series "Random Horror Games". In one episode, several teasers stick out from two of the games he played and I got really interested.

The demo is very scarce, it is clear that it's a concept demo, and it completely fulfill it's job, as it stands as a solid one. 

The details, overall in the bedroom, are just amazing and it's incredible to think that all this was made by a person. The "monster" that this demo teases is really well made and really disturbing. The scenario is a little too empty, is basically a maze, but it feels very empty, however, it resembles the perfect representation of what a nightmare is in the end, it's emptiness play an important role in the overall disturbing and sinister atmosphere.

Again, can't believe this is all made by one guy, I think this project is the peak of all his other projects and may be the one that could actually skyrocket his career in the game industry. Looking forward for new developments. 


Douglas, thank you so much for the generous words. I really appreciate it! You're right, in its current state, it's a bit lackluster, but I assure you the official demo will be much more fleshed out. I'm working very hard on it, and trying my best to get it out this year! Anyway, I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks again!