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Hoo hiho hello hello, I'm surprised you scrolled down this far. Welcome to my thread reply. I come with coffee, refrigerated grapes, and shotgun-style attention to detail towards creative ventures. 

I have a lot of love to give. ❤

I'd be delighted to share this lattermost thing with you, within the constructs of healthy boundaries. The consumables are all mine. (I need them).

~ ✧☆・゚: I go by Wudgeous. :・゚☆✧ ~

I also respond to Wudge and Wudgey. This is one of my first submissions the mortifying ordeal of being known-- this, here, right now,  I am submitting myself in human English words as best I can.  It's nice to meet you.

I have project management and leadership experience through my Day Job, arting experience through college. I've been writing and proofreading for over a decade, and coding in ren'py for about 2 years. I'm a fiercely (hyuk hyuk) indiependent  jack of all trades, and I've directed the brunt of my creative energies toward [a beloved, undisclosed personal project]. 

Slowly but surely I have yearned to direct my creative energies temporarily elsewhere. Thus, I was excited to find an environment catering to a first-time game marmalade participant.  

My goal for this game marmalade is to use this opportunity to coerce my hissing lizard brain not to struggle against mortifying ordeal of being known  make connections and create a short portfolio piece of a game. You may find me theatrical, vain and sassy sometimes, but I'm actually in fact scared of everything and quite delicate.  Please be gentle. ~

I'm currently reading The Art of Game Design, which I highly recommend. 

My  more virtually-housed sources of inspiration stem  from Undertale, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mystic Messenger. Though they're wildly different in surface-level mouthfeel, what they have in common is they helped me feel loved and offered companionship during times I felt rather alone.  This, I believe, is the most powerful attribute of video games: They have the potential to be portable, distributable vessels of love - if only for a little while. And my feral belief in this attribute is what drives me to create dating sims.  

For this game jam I will make a ren'py visual novel wherein,

❤ An AI  goes on tinder dates to learn empathy and human connection. ❤

... (I'm not gonna call it tinder, don't worry).  

Per my personal standards, each date will be represented with blinking, smiling character sprites, and scenes featuring actual conversation. The AI will have at least 3 dialogue choices per prompt. 

Per the constraints of the game jam, if I'm working on this solo, I expect to have only 2 available dates. If I get lots and lots and lots of dedicated help though, maybe we can have up to 8 dates...! Wowie!

If the AI fails to demonstrate a sufficient understanding of humans within the set time frame, the AI will be dismantled. ❤

I will like to dedicate some time to examine these other thread replies, but if you are reading this now and like the cut of my jib; ily2. Keep being your best self, you sparkling diamond.

Check out my: 

>Writing portfolio

>Team-finding post on crowdforge 

>Or tag me in the discord server to say hi!

PS; A sweet  23g added sugar word of thanks to irresponsible black unicorn Gabe, on whose tumblr blog I lurked when he posted a short video advertising this game jam. I wouldn't be here if I didn't see it. Thank u, sir.

Uh, and what can admins do to improve my jam experience? That y'all are willing to do anything is flattering, but the most I can ask for is for you to take care of yourselves. Maybe a bit of cheering on and healthy morale, if you can swing it. :) 

With meticulously longwinded love, Wudgey.