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When setting the game to run at 60 fps by the command mentioned in this post, I get the following message at the title screen: 

    Your game seems to be running at >1x speed.
    Try removing options.ini from the game directory;
    Check the FAQ topic if the issue persists.

What's the cause of this happening? How can this message be disabled? Is there any command in NTT to suppress all warnings and error messages to display on the title screen?

Well, does the game work correctly despite that? If you ran the command and then exited to the main menu, this appears for a split second as the framerate stabilizes to the original value.

I run the command at startup through `startup.txt`. Here's its content.

/gml game_set_size(426, 240)
/gml room_speed*=2 current_time_scale/=2

If I set `AlternateSyncMethod=1` at `options.ini` this message is constantly displayed at the title screen and menus. This can be seen in the video.

When setting AlternateSyncMethod to 0, the warning isn't displayed. However, I observe tearing and tiny frame rate stuttering when playing the game, so I have to change the value back to 1.

In general, I think, it's probably better to put warnings in the console or/and in a log file. Or, as an alternative, there can be a command/option to change log verbosity.