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I debated if I should share this here since it was my first attempt at this ever, and I did it for a jam so had tight time constraints, but I'm going to do it anyway because I'd like people to give it a look. Anyway, here's my game:

Into the Woods...


You’ve lived in these woods for many years. It’s treated you well all this time. The passing of each season has brought with it great beauty, but it has also presented unique hardships. Still, you managed to always make do and survive. Lately, you’ve noticed the forest has begun to change as less people dare to venture into this serene, magical place. Now only the Hunters rarely cross your path. This doesn’t bother you though, you’ll always do as you have and survive.

Into the Woods… is a solo tabletop role-playing experience that tasks you with surviving a full year in an ever-evolving forest. There will be magic, whimsy… and of course, danger! As the year progresses, the challenges you face will grow but you’ll have to overcome that adversity in order to survive.

You can give it a look by clicking right here!

I didn't get to playtest this before the deadline of the jam, so I'm sure that there are a few bugs or little things I could do to make things better, so feedback is very welcome. All I ask is you keep things constructive and try to let me know not only what could be improved, but what I did well. I hope you enjoy it :)


Updated the game now that I've had time after the busy weekend. You can read about it on the game's page by following the Dev logs or just clicking this link here. Please don't hesitate to provide additional feedback :)

Boom, character sheets! Trying to make the game experience as good as possible for folks :)

Updated to Version 2.0! Despite how little these change may seem, the game feels totally different (for the better) now. Please enjoy!

The second half of the 2.0 update is live, that moves us from 2.0 to 2.1. It added EVEN MORE content and fixes. Check it out here.